Family Bios: Riveria


Marino Riveria is the son of Celestia Silverton-Antonelli and Donato Riveria. He is the husband of Adelaide Riveria née Clayton and the father of Amy Riveria. His son, Agostino “Tino” drowned in a tragic accident as a young teen.

Marino, better known as Nonno, was born in Simtalia. He traveled to the Sim Nation with his parents as a young boy, saving every penny he ever made and working his way up in the business world. Nonno made his fortune with real estate. He’s retired now, but keeps busy through various activities such as gardening, car collecting, dancing, donating to charities, and tinkering. He and his wife moved to Monte Vista, his birthplace to be close to his extended family between KCLKF and KFLL.

Marino is 77, born Simtember 4, 2339, and is a Virgo. His traits include Absent-Minded, Frugal, Good, Green Thumb,  and Perfectionist. His favorites are Cookies, Latin music, and the color blue. He attended Bridgesim Oldie University and studied engineering and business. He was born in Monte Vista, Simtalia, but raised primarily in the Sim Nation.


Adelaide Riveria née Clayton is the wife of Marino Riveria and the mother of Amy Riveria, and the grandmother of Kass, Cari, and Andi. She also had a son, Tino, who drowned as a teenager.

Little is known about her family, other than they weren’t wealthy. Her father had trouble holding jobs and keeping food on the table. Perhaps that’s what attracted her to Marino in the first place. But it’s love – true love – that’s lasted nearly forty-five years. Nonna is the perfect housewife – natural chef, loves entertaining, excellently manages household staff, always makes everyone feel special by setting out the best china and candlesticks no matter who you are.

Adelaide is 67 years old and her birthday is Simvember 18, 2349. She is a Scorpio. Her traits include Family-oriented, Good, Perfectionist, Natural Cook, and Neat. Her favorites include  Goopy Carbonara, Classical music, and the color Aqua. Adelaide worked as a cinema clerk in high school and participated in teen beauty pageants. She dropped out of Devils Port Community College where she was studying physical education, and modeled for a short time. She also was on the Blue Devils Swim Team and went to the state championships for Illinoisim.


Amy Riveria

Amalia “Amy” Sauer née Riveria (formerly Fullbright) is the daughter of Marino and Adelaide Riveria, the ex-wife of Howard Fullbright, the mother of Kass, Cari, and Andi Fullbright, and the wife of Clark Sauer. She is also the stepmother of Kaden and Kasey Sauer. Amy also had a younger brother, Tino, who drowned when she was seventeen.

She has an eclectic work history including mucking stalls at the local equestrian center, working as a receptionist at the local animal shelter, starting her own photography business for a short while, watching the little ones at the local ABC Day Care, and substitute teaching at Community School for the Gifted, the private school in Sunset Valley.

Amy got pregnant at seventeen with a young man named Milo, but she miscarried the baby. She spent her pregnancy with her paternal grandmother, Celestia Silverton-Antonelli in Bay City, Califorsimia.

It is revealed that Amy met Howard because she was traveling with some girlfriends on spring break in Lucky Palms. She heard his voice on the radio and thought it was sexy and called in and complimented him, and called every night, until he dared her to go on a date.

Amy was also tragically raped by her former husband’s boss, Donald “Donnie” McClellan. Kass’s paternal parentage is called into question. Amy spent time again with her grandmother in Bay City following the assault.

Amy struggled in her first marriage due to their lack of money and her battles with depression. Howard leaving her for another woman didn’t help matters. Amy tries her best to hold her family together.

Amy finds happiness once again in KCLKF and eventually marries Clark Sauer before KFLL. She moves to Oakland with her new husband, daughters, and two stepsons.

Amy is 47 years old, and her birthday is Simtober 29, 2369. She is a  Scorpio. Her traits are Animal Lover, Excitable, Family Oriented, Neurotic, and Snob. Her favorites are hamburger, rock music, and turquoise. She attended Oakland Univerisity and holds a degree in animal sciences. She also holds a masters in education from Thomas School of the Arts. She has taught at Community School for the Gifted in Sunset Valley and Sim State University – Oakland.


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