Family Bios: Fullbright

Andi Fullbright

Andromeda “Andi” Fullbright is the youngest child of Amy Riveria and Howard Fullbright. She enjoys baking, playing the piano, and guitar. She is dating VJ Alvi, who is away at seminary in Simlaska. She was Howard and Amy’s miracle child as Mamma nearly lost her twice. She prefers being called Andi. She’s a genuis, but completely modest about it and very down to earth. She is a natural musician and artist.

Andi is 15 years old and her birthday is Simbruary 15, 2401. She is an Aquarius. Her favorites are Key Lime Pie, Classical music, and the color, purple. Her traits are Ambitious, Artistic, Genius, and Virtuoso. She has attended Community School for the Gifted and Oakland City School.

Cari Fullbright

Carina “Cari” Nebula Fullbright is the second oldest daughter of Amy Riveria and Howard Fullbright. She has two sisters, Kassiopeia and Andromeda. She is interested in fashion design. She is a smart A-B student and is disciplined in her studies. She really dislikes water due to nearly drowning when she was a toddler. Sometimes she seems close-minded but this is only because she has different ideas than her sisters, but she really does care about her family.

Cari is 17 years old and her birthday is Simune  28, 2399. She is a Cancer. Her traits include Brave, Disciplined, Hydrophobic, and Over-Emotional. Her favorites are Waffles, pop music, and white. She has attended Community School for the Gifted and Oakland City School, and she is a junior. She formerly worked as a receptionist at Sharma Day Spa. She is dating Joey Mendez.


Howard Fullbright is the father of Kassiopeia, Carina, and Andromeda Fullbright, the ex-husband of Amy Riveria, and the ex-boyfriend of Kate Pistachio. He was adopted by an Al Simharan Bea Fullbright, who was married to Apollo Saab. He moved to Appaloosa Plains and worked on his adopted mom’s horse ranch.

Howard worked for the radio station 121.7 SUN in Lucky Palms as a DJ, and again in Sunset Valley for 74.1 the SIM.

When he and Amy began having financial difficulties, Howard sought out assistance from Sun Valley Financial Firm and began attending Money Farm Seminars where he met Kate Pistachio. They had an affair, and eventually he left Amy for Kate. They lived together for six years before Kate eventually left him.  Howard has also worked in catering.

Howard was diagnosed with EXCES shortly before KCLKF. He reconnects with Kass, and they eventually embark on a road trip together in I&S. By KFLL, Howard is working with EXCES victims in Mexsimco.

Howard is 48 years old and his birthday is Simgust 21, 2368. He is a Leo. His traits are Couch potato, flirty, friendly, lucky, and natural cook. His favorites are Waffles, Indie music, and Blue. He holds a degree in communications from the Lucky Palms Community College, and attended  Le Simdon Bleu Culinary School and holds a degree in culinary arts. He has worked as a chef, in catering, and radio. He is romantically interested in Marisol Loera.



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