Family Bios: Bachelor

Dr. Jocasta Bachelor née Salvaje has been the family doctor of Amy Riveria since before Kass was born. She also is Kass’s personal doctor. Jocasta is the mother of the famous Bella Bachelor-Goth. She is the wife of Simis Bachelor and she also has three other children, Michael, Marshall, and Nella. Jocasta lives in Sunset Valley, Califorsimia. Jocasta is an avid, somewhat underground, supporter of EXCES research and treatment.

Jocasta is 61 years old and she was born on Simune 16, 2355. Her astrological sign is Leo. Her traits include Genius, Nurturing, Perceptive, Supernatural Fan, and Workaholic. Her favorites are spaghetti, Latin music, and the color red. She has a medical degree from Cloud City University in St. Claire, Misimigan. She is currently a family practitioner at Sun Valley Clinic and a rotating emergency room surgeon at Bay City General Hospital. Additionally, Jocasta volunteers with the Haven, a supernatural enclave in Simlaska, helping relocate supernaturals from troubled families and treat EXCES patients.

Jocasta is the daughter of Timoti Salvaje and Leda Salvaje née Portman. She has an older sisters, Megara Walter née Salvaje, and a younger sister, Camilla McCarthy née Salvaje. Her sister, Demera Salvaje died from complications due to EXCES in her early 20s.

Simis Bachelor is the husband of Jocasta, father of Bella, Michael, Marshall, and Nella. He is a stay-at-home dad, and a professional blogger and author, and a former Peteran shepherd. He is 62 years old, and was born Simuary 28, 2354. His astrological sign is Aquarius. His traits include Bookworm, Couch Potato, Handy, Frugal, and Family-Oriented. His favorites include Lobster Thermidor, classical music, and the color spice brown. He studied at Mount Saint Mary Loyolan University in Los Aniegos, Califorsimia and holds a masters of divinity from Saint Gregory Seminary in Barcelona, Simspania. He is the son of Milton Bachelor and Enriquetta Bachelor née Soledad. He is an only child. 

Michael Bachelor is the son of Simis and Jocasta, and the younger brother of Bella, and older brother of Marshall and Nella. He is divorced from Dina Caliente, and has two daughters, Lyra and Myra, who kept their mother’s maiden name. Post-college, Michael lived with his sister and brother-in-law. He wants to work with Plumbots at the Science Academy in Oasis Landing.

Michael is 38 years old and his birthday is Simuly 25, 2378. His astrological sign is Leo. His traits include Bot Fan, Mooch, Couch Potato, Flirty, and Bookworm. His favorites include sea foam green, rap, and pancakes. He attended Sim City University and studied technology. He currently works as an independent bot builder contractor in Bay City, Califorsimia where he resides with his daughters.

Marshall Bachelor is the son of Simis and Jocasta, the younger brother of Bella and Michael, and the older brother of Nella. Marshall has already had the opportunity to do local theater with his school. He was scouted and offered a starring role in The Lunch Club. His parents have asked him to finish his schooling before pursuing acting. Michael is 16 years old, and his birthday is Simuary 13, 2400. His astrological sign is Aquarius. His traits include Athletic, Friendly, Natural Born Performer, and Schmoozer. His favorites include hot dogs, pop music, and the color, lime green. He is a junior at Community School for the Gifted in Sunset Valley.

Nella Bachelor is the daughter of Simis and Jocasta, the younger sister of Bella, Michael, and Marshall. She plays soccer. Nella is 8 and her birthday is Simbruary 7, 2408. She is a Pisces, and her traits include athletic, coward, and unlucky. Her favorites are grilled salmon, soul music, and hot pink. She is in the third grade at Community School for the Gifted.


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