Character Bio: Kassiopeia Celestia Fullbright

“Hi, my name is Kassiopeia Celestia Fullbright. Mouthful, isn’t it? You can just call me Kass. Everyone does, and it’s a lot easier to pronounce. Mama named me for a constellation as she’s obsessed with the stars, but she wanted me to be unique, hence the ‘k.’”

Kassiopeia Celestia Fullbright has just spent a year traveling on the road with her father, Howard Fullbright. Now a year older and with more experience, Kass has chosen not to attend her dream school. She has inherited her great-grandmother, Celestia Silverton-Antonelli (Riveria’s) old home in Bay City. Kass is splitting her time between an internship at The Bay City Buzz and classes at Legacy Community College.

Upon arriving in Bay City, strange things begin happening including a near-fatal disaster at the local tavern, ghosts in her family estate, a past acquaintance battling late-stage EXCES, and much more. As Kass  truly transitions into adulthood, she learns more about her family’s secret and mysterious history. Will Kass truly discover who she is, where she’s come from, and decide who she wants to be amidst the lost loves, painful secrets, regrets and mistakes, friendships, family, faith, and untold truths? Will she uncover her own family’s lost legacy? [KFLL]

  • Age: 19 [KFLL]
  • Birthday: Simcember* 1st, 2396
  • Astrological Sign: Sagitarrius
  • Traits: Brave**, Bookworm, Friendly, Light Sleeper, and Night Owl
  • Favorites: Sushi. Indie. Irish Green.
  • Education: Community School for the Gifted (Elementary & Secondary School) Legacy College (in-progress)
  • Career/Job: Freelance writer and intern at Bay City Buzz
  • Current Residence: Bay City, Califorsimia
  • Birthplace: Sunset Valley, Califorsimia
  • Father: Howard Fullbright?
  • Mother: Amy Riveria
  • Siblings: Carina and Andromeda Fullbright
  • Current Romantic Partner: none [KFLL]
  • Children: none
  • Other Relatives: Marino (Nonno) and Adelaide Riveria (Nonna) [maternal grandparents]
  • Best friend(s): Ayesha Ansari [KFLL]
  • Romantic History: Davis Lamar (boyfriend in KCLKF), Billy Caspian (boyfriend in I&S)


  • * December 2016 – I changed the months of the year to more Simlish sounding names. 
  • **January 2017 – I changed Kass’ Adventurous trait to Brave.  



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