Character Bio: Davis Lamar

Davis Lamar
“Well I am from the South.”

Davis Lamar was Kass’ first boyfriend. Davis has a hard past. He was caught up in a prostitution ring in Vice City, Simoridia , where he met and married his first wife, Lynda a.ka. Phoenix. She died of a drug overdose. Davis was able to escape his former life when certain higher-ups went to jail.

Davis is the grandson of Granny Jade, the owner of Jade’s Java Jolt in Sunset Valley, Califorsimia. Davis is the son of Dale and Dalia Lamar, who live in Twinbrook, Louisimana, and his siblings, who live in Mesa Grande, Simizona. He has an older sister, Danica, and two younger twin brothers, Darren and Derek.

Davis has a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Edgewater Global Business College. He wants to go to medical school, and he’s currently working part-time for his granny, fixing up cars on the side, and interning with Dr. Bachelor at a hospital in Bay City. His dream is to travel to third-world countries to do his medical residency. Long-term he wants to work with inner city troubled and homeless teens mostly due to his own past. Davis is also the great-grandson of Ebenezer Alto.

  • Age: 26 [KFLL]
  • Birthday: Simmay 28, 2390
  • Astrological Sign: Gemini
  • Traits: Good, Friendly, Neat, Handy, Workaholic
  • Favorites: Mac and cheese. Latin. Orange.
  • Education: 
  • Career/Job: Barista at Jade’s Java Jolt in Sunset Valley; Bed Pan Cleaner at Bay City General Hospital
  • Current Residence: Bay City, Califorsimia
  • Birthplace: Edgewater, Louisimana
  • Father: Dale Lamar
  • Mother: Dalia Lamar
  • Siblings: Danica, Derek, and Darren Lamar
  • Current Romantic Partner: 
  • Children: none
  • Other Relatives: “Granny Jade” Moss née Alto (maternal grandmother)
  • Best friend(s): Jamie Jolina
  • Romantic History: Linda Anderson [late wife before KCLKF]; Kassiopeia Fullbright [girlfriend in KCLKF]

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