Character Bio: Brendon Shore

Brendon Shore
“Flirting? I’m fraternizing…”

Brendon Shore is Kass’s boss at the Bay City Buzz, a broadsheet newspaper, in Bay City, Califorsimia. He’s got a flirty personality and a reputation as a ladies man, but all in all, he protects those who work for him. He is formerly married to Jozelyn White, but she left him for a lesbian. He has insecurities due to his romantic history, and this may be the reason for his crazy antics.

  • Age: 33 [KFLL]
  • Birthday: Simvember* 25, 2383
  • Astrological Sign: Sagitarrius
  • Traits: Brave, Bookworm, Great Kisser, Flirty, Friendly
  • Favorites: Sushi. Latin. Blue.
  • Education: 
  • Career/Job: Editor in chief at Bay City Buzz
  • Current Residence: Bay City, Califorsimia
  • Birthplace:
  • Father: 
  • Mother: 
  • Siblings: 
  • Current Romantic Partner: none [KFLL]
  • Children: none
  • Other Relatives: 
  • Best friend(s): 
  • Romantic History: Jozelyn White [ex-wife prior to KFLL] among others

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