Character Bio: Ayesha Ansari

“I can’t help it. I like men.”

Ayesha Ansari grew up in Sunset Valley, Califorsimia with her strict much-older parents and her much-older siblings. Due to the age gap between Ayesha and her siblings, she spent a lot of time alone, and often acted out rebelliously to gain attention. She has been friends with Kass since the girls were in middle school. Ayesha’s family practices the Al-Sim religion, but she does not actively practice. Due to getting in trouble with the law, Ayesha was sent off to Al Simhara to live with her newly married sister and nephew. Returning to the SimNation, Ayesha is now living with Kass in her friend’s great-grandmother’s estate and working as a receptionist at the Xtreme Adventure Company.

  • Age: 20 [KFLL]
  • Birthday: Simarch 27, 2395
  • Astrological Sign: Aries
  • Traits:  Athletic, Daredevil, Flirty, Loves Parties, Rebel
  • Favorites: Hamburger. Yellow Gold. Disco.
  • Education: Sun Valley High (secondary school); Sunset University (only completed 1 year)
  • Career/Job: Xtreme Adventure Company
  • Current Residence: Bay City, Califorsimia [KFLL]
  • Birthplace: Sunset Valley, Califorsimia
  • Father: Akeem Azeem Ansari
  • Mother: Tahira Ansari
  • Siblings: Raja Ansari, Alia Almera Anwer née Ansari
  • Current Romantic Partner: none [KFLL]
  • Children: none
  • Other Relatives: Kara Ansari née Sadik (sister-in-law), Amir Anwer (brother-in-law), Ajmal Fahim Anwer (formerly Ansari) (nephew)  
  • Best friend(s): Kassiopeia Fullbright
  • Romantic History: Erik Swain [boyfriend prior to KCLKF], Alexander Goth [romantic interest prior to KCLKF], Billy Capsian [romantic interest in I&S], Youseff Nagi [romantic interest in I&S]




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