Post Birthday Reflections & SimLit Celebration

Huzzah! Another year older. I celebrated my birthday on Friday, and I must say, this is one of the best birthdays I have experienced in a long time. Celebrations and birthdays have always been a big thing in my family, but as I have gotten older, it’s become harder to celebrate in style. I’ve also recently undergone some stress and changes in my graduate school process, and needed to adjust my future plans so I wasn’t particularly looking forward to celebrating. Then multiple people helped contribute to a wonderful day of nonstop fun, color, excitement, relaxation, flair, and fancy. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and also wonderful family and friends.


In honor of my birthday, I want to celebrate births this week. Share your favorite birth moments in Sims stories and games, and welcome these wee ones into the world once again. 🙂

Births in Livin’a’Simmin’Life’s stories

As I thought about my own stories, I realized I haven’t actually written many birth scenes. However, there is one from a spin-off I planned that never took off.  The birth of Karma Genessa – a.k.a. Brigit Briody’s twins.

The story takes place in flashback. Brigit is an older woman, reflecting on the first love of her life and her late teen years when she discovered she was adopted. Brigit ultimately becomes pregnant, and is shipped off to Champs les Sims, but she escapes her adopted mother and aunt to go find her birth mom. Upon giving birth alone in a hospital on Twikkii Island, Brigit sings “So This is Love” to her babies, Zero and Zia. 


You can read the tale in So This is Love. Also I listened to this version of the Cinderella song sung by beautiful soprano Jeannette Grout while writing this chapter.

Another birth that occurred happened in the Colt Family Traitacy. Rachel Colt becomes mixed up with the infamous Racket family of Twinbrook after starting an affair with Bill Racket. When she becomes pregnant, Rachel and Bill have a hasty wedding to cover up their ill-conceived child. Even so, Rachel spends much of her pregnancy alone, save for some concern from her brother-in-law, Dennis, a little attention from her kooky mother-in-law, Marigold, and occasional kind gestures from her nephew, Shark. Yet it is her spiteful sister-in-law, Silver who ultimately takes Rachel to the hospital to deliver beautiful baby Hope Anastasia Colt-Racket.


You can read the story in 1.28 Hope. You can also read one of my favorite follow-up text-only chapters of toddler Hope in 1.45 Hope’s Night Away.

Some of my favorite baby moments in SimLit…

Click on the pictures for the exact chapter. I recognize many of these stories have multiple births and I cannot possibly share them all, so I’m sharing some of my favorite moments instead.

In Taina/Blythelyre’s Torres Legacy

…when Aaliyah Shelby-Torres names her new baby girl after her husband, Antonio’s mother. Welcome Rae Rose Torres!

In the Gallagher Legacy


…Sam helps Lucy deliver their son. Welcome Aaron Gallagher!

In CathyTea’s Whisper


…though, not technically a birth, Marigold is a wonderful addition to the unusual Cathy Tea and vampire-ghost Dante’s family. Welcome Marigold Tea! 


Also, again, not a typical birth, but the arrival of “evil” and crazy but totally lovable PlantSim Bobobo, another welcome addition to CathyTea’s family. Welcome Bobobo!


In friendsfan’s the Benders

…unfortunately no pictures, but this story is a worthy mention. There are many, many births and I admire these parents! I think one of the sweetest births in Generation 2 was when Lauren delivered her grandson, Ayden and Elsa’s first child. Welcome Benjamin Bender! 

In JLBDreamer’s Wild Hearts Vampiracy

…when Erica gives birth to her first child with vampire, Vlad. Welcome Constantine!

…and then the birth of twins later in the story after Erica’s transformation. Welcome Lucretia and Romonov! 

In Kate’s Loewe Legacy


…Kate and David’s first biological child, Elisabeth, born in the beautiful Monte Vista. Welcome Elisabeth Loewe! 

In LauraEliza’s Maldini Legacy


…in this unique crime family legacy, generation founder, Estelle and a favorite premade of mine, Sinbad Rotter, conceive a daughter. Welcome Esmeralda Maldini!  


…because I’m such a huge fan of Dennis Racket, I have to mention he’s the father of Estelle’s second child. Welcome Tristan Maldini! 


…and later, Esmeralda has twins of her own with Shark Racket. Welcome Aurora and Alec Maldini! 


…and then from Esmeralda’s second, much-happier relationship with Israel Jones-Brown,  a second set of twins. Welcome Caleb and Celeste Maldini!


…and I can’t forget to mention the beautiful Paris Diamond, Tristan’s partner, and their beautiful daughter, who becomes a favorite character of mine later on. Welcome Isla Maldini! 


And another favorite of mine is born to Derek Khan and Aurora Maldini. Welcome Jet Maldini!

What SimLit celebration about babies would be complete without baby challenge stories! I love this story series by LauraEliza – Zahra’s Babies. Too many babies to count so I’ll list significant ones.


…the first baby, Alexis, conceived through an ill-fated one-night stand, but the baby that sent Zahra on a journey to find herself and embrace motherhood in Vargfjell. Welcome Alexis Alto! 


…the birth of the vampire triplets, who cause such delicious drama later in life. Welcome Davina, Delilah, and Diella Alto!


…more triplets… Hazel, Heath, and Hope. Welcome Hazel and Heath, whose names and appearances I adore, and a special welcome to torchbearer, the youngest daughter, Hope!


…and I had to make a special mention for Zahra’s final baby before aging to elder, and I particularly am happy she finally had a baby with the beautiful and sweet paparazzo man, Andy. Welcome Isaac Alto!

Continuing the tradition is the lovely redhaired Hope Alto, youngest daughter of Zahra.


…Hope moves to Evansdale County and hooks up with the awesome blue-haired Tilden Neptune, friend of her brother’s. Tilden, I’m pulling for you! 🙂  Welcome Jaina and Jasmine! 


…and then later, Hope hooks up with the not-so-nice Casey, but gives birth to beautiful triplets as a result. Welcome Kiara, Kent, and Kaitlyn! 

Oh the babies! So many! I probably should stop here, but I know there are plenty more Sim babies entering the world exponentially. Please share your favorites and/or include your favorite birth moments as a Sim-parent. 🙂

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