Purple Day & SimLit Celebration

Today is Purple Day. In the world of The Sims, this day is set aside to remember those Sims that have passed on before us. I took this quote from the Purple Day site because it is beautiful…

Purple Day gives us a chance to celebrate the digital lives of all those Sims we’ve known and loved who have made the great transition after being reaped by the Grim Reaper.

You can read more about Purple Day on the forums and on the official blog.

Today I want to recognize a lovely Sim who has passed on in my Sims game – Jennifer Martinez. For those of you who have read KCLKF, you know Jennifer is the foster mother of Gage Briody, featured as a supporting character in KCLKF, and featured prominently in FRWL. Jennifer is also the loving wife of Pablo Martinez.

I wrote up a bio for Jennifer before I featured her in my story, but never shared it since she made a limited appearance in KCLKF. Today, in honor of Purple Day, I am posting it.

Jennifer Alyssa Martinez née Govender was born on May 20, 2371 in Big Apple City to Clarence and Calypso Govender. Her mother, Calypso was born into a wealthy family in Ziwa Bonde, Af’simca. Calypso came to SimNation to be raised by her cousins and attend boarding school at Smuggworth Prep School in Sim City. Clarence was born in the SimNation and served for most of Jennifer’s childhood as science attaché to the Simvarian ambassador.

Jennifer graduated from Smuggsworth Prep School and attended Colsimbia University, where she received her bachelors and masters in political science. During her first year of law school, Jennifer suffered from severe anxiety attacks. During this time, Jennifer visited Mexsimco volunteered for two years with the Jacoban Sisters of Mercy and worked for the SimNation embassy. Jennifer met Pablo Martinez, a Mexsimi firefighter with a love of children. Pablo played soccer with the local kids on his off time.

Jennifer and Pablo were married in Sim City where Jennifer received an offer to work for the Vice President as a speechwriter. Jennifer worked for four years in Sim City before learning she wouldn’t be able to have children.

Devastated by the news, Jennifer and Pablo decided to reevaluate their lives. They moved to Sunset Valley, Califorsimia where Pablo continued work as a firefighter, and Jennifer decided to finish her law school degree at Simford University. Post law-school, Jennifer decided to pursue immigration law and worked as a legal assistant for various offices in Bay City, Sunset Valley, and China Beach.

After seeing countless immigrant children in the foster care system and seeing how they were treated poorly,Jennifer and Pablo decided to become foster parents. They fostered nine different children, the last being Gage Briody. Jennifer continued to work part-time as a legal representative in Bay City and Sunset Valley. She also continued her lifelong love of volunteering, working at the community pool, food bank, homeless shelter, and local library over the course of seven years.

In late June 2215, Jennifer Martinez returned home after a volunteer shift at the Le Petit Shark Pool Center in Sunset Valley. Upon taking a shower, she mysteriously slipped, fell, hit her head, and died either from blunt force trauma or drowning. Police opened an investigation. Gage Briody, the foster son, was the one to find her. Jennifer leaves behind a husband, Pablo, a local firefighter in Sunset Valley, and a foster son, Gage Briody, whom she always considered her own.

Jennifer Martinez’ life was based on a number of people in my own life, volunteer leaders and those passionate about social justice. I will forever regret passing by an opportunity to write about this inspiring woman prior to her death in KCLKF. She was a wonderful foster mother in Gage, and had a strong healthy marriage to Pablo, and she was somewhat a mentor to Kass. I plan to revisit Jennifer’s story in KFLL and possibly stories beyond.


This is one of my favorite pictures of Jennifer, featured right. The following lines are taken from Chapter 20, Making Sense of Love, in KCLKF.

“But you gave it all up… your career in politics… Why?” I puzzled. “Didn’t Pablo want you to succeed? And Gage was supportive too… I’m sorry, am I being too nosy?”

“For love,” Jennifer explained quietly. “You see love makes us do funny things… things the heart cannot explain to the head… I knew I loved my husband and Gage more than anything… more than I loved the idea of advancing in my career. I’d much rather be a junior associate in corporate law here in the Valley where I could be with my family. I could’ve been the Leader of the Free World someday, but I’d much rather be present in my home… be a presence in my child’s life and share a home with the man I love.”

“For love,” I repeated. “How do you know?”

“Know what?”

“About love? That it’s worth it? That it’s real?”

“You just do,” Jennifer clasped her hands together excitedly. “It means everything. You’d give up anything to be with that person, not that he’d ask you to. He would never force you to give up on a dream because it’s part of who you are. But when you love someone that deeply, you build new dreams together and your old dreams… well, they don’t die, but they don’t sparkle like they used to.”

Rest in peace, Jennifer Martinez. 🙂

I am really behind on SimLit celebrations, mostly because I had a vacation and some chaos at work and school. This week and next, I would like to celebrate the Sims who have passed on in honor of Purple Day – so like a Purple Week.


I wanted to name a few deceased Sims who have touched the lives of those around them, and inspired me.

  • I have just recently finished Generation 1 of CathyTea’s Whisper, and I am in love. I feel like I have lived an entire life with Cathy Tea. I have experienced her pain and her joy. Her love story with Dante is epic because it transcends the corporeal world, but not in a cheesy way. It feels real and beautiful and meaningful. Also I am about halfway through Generation 2 of Whisper, and I love how realistic the grieving process is for Marigold and the family after the loss of Cathy Tea. The ending of Generation 1 is heartwrenching, but not heartbreaking, because I know Cathy Tea lived a full life and she was surrounded by love and gave love to her friends and family so generously. R.I.P. Cathy Tea.
  • I really appreciated Mary Graham and Lia Rasi in Kate’s Loewe Legacy. Mary was the woman who took Kate in and helped raise her, and also instilled in Kate a love and compassion for orphaned children. I appreciated Mary’s appearance to Lizzie, Kate’s daughter. The chapters were sweet. I also was saddened when Lia Rasi passed in the beginning of the legacy. Lia was the woman who gave Kate a her first home in Monte Vista, and she was her first friend. These two lovely ladies helped Kate when no one else would. R.I.P. Mary Graham and Lia Rasi.
  • I wasn’t sure at first how I felt about Jason in MedleyMisty’s In the Valley of the Sun, but in his last moments, he did everything he could to protect Lilith from danger and corruption, and I believe he truly loved Lilith. I was saddened by his loss. R.I.P. Jason Milton.
  • I was devastated when Harwood took his life in Trip’s Eight Cicadas. It was distressing that he was never able to find lasting peace and happiness.  He had lived a long life, and had people who loved him, but it wasn’t enough. I think Trip did a wonderful job though writing a character who was broken by his experiences, and struggled to find a way out. R.I.P. Harwood Clay.

Suicide is a sad part of our world. If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, contact the National Suicide Prevention Center 1-800-273-8255. Someone is always willing to listen.

Okay, now I’m seriously feeling depressed after writing about all these deaths… and they are digital lives… *sigh* with meaning and purpose which is why I am sad… okay, last one… this one is a bit happier in a way…

  • Evelyn is the ghostly love interest of Lucas in CitizenErased14’s Dust to Dust. Their love story is powerful and moving despite the fact that she is a ghost and he is a living Sim. The story is fun and makes me laugh at times, and other times it makes me bawl. I won’t spoil anything, but the ending isn’t what I expected, and is beautiful tale of love beyond the grave.

That’s all from me. Feel free to share your favorites below.



11 thoughts on “Purple Day & SimLit Celebration”

  1. Harwood! Oh, it was so long ago that I’d read that chapter that I didn’t even think of him today! (Do you know he’s my Sim heart-throb?) Also, an iteration of him is still living in Senna’s Part Deux, so I think I’ve transferred my attentions there (denial is so wonderful!)

    There a newer passing in Eight Cicadas that I’m grieving… and I think Ripu still is, too. 😦

    And thank you for the kind words you wrote about Cathy Tea in Whisper! I had a lot of fun writing her life–especially since I can write it in my own voice! I guess since her wish came true for the timing of her final appointment with Grim, I wasn’t at all sad or creeped out when she became transparent. Plus she and Dante are still around all the time, albeit in see-through form! LOL!

    Really loved your portrait of Jennifer. I love how real all your characters/Sims feel.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yup. I’m still sad about that passing you speak of, CathyTea. And I was so sad about Harwood too! He was really interesting and likable.

      Also, livinasimminlife, thanks for this lovely post! And I hope you all have/had a lovely/not too sad Purple Day.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s such a nice thought. If all Sims get to go with Tad as their guide, it might not be so bad. Tad has really made me rethink the Grim Reaper because he’s so different from my iteration of the Reaper/reapers.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. 🙂 Aaw, thanks! I was going to make a Purple Day post with Tad in it, but my yesterday was so busy and tiring that I didn’t finish it… And now I want to get back to writing actual chapters so maybe next year.

        Liked by 2 people

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