October Updates

I’ve been frequently publishing over on my other blog – LASL – but I haven’t updated here in awhile. Even so, there’s plenty of new, updated content for you to read at either location.

My current project: Interludes and Solitude follows Kass’ year on the road with her dad, Howard. There are currently 12 chapters. This story takes place between KCLKF and KFLL. Read more here.

My legacy challenge: I got major-league sidetracked with the Colt Family Traitacy and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the infamous Racket family of Twinbrook. While I’m on hiatus right now, I have plenty of new CFT chapters if you aren’t caught up. Read more here.

My Simself project: I have new Letters from Lizzie chapters in the works. This series has undergone many revisions, but you can read the chapters I have available here. Also if you’re interested and haven’t seen them yet, I have pics of my Simself in Riverview to announce my FRWL series.

Gage’s side story: More chapters are coming soon.  There is a tie-over between From Riverview with Love and Interludes & Solitude. Gage’s story takes place at the same time. In case you need to get caught up, click here.

Darkness May Dream: My Simblr story is on hiatus too, however, I hope to have a few updates for you soon. Want to know more about the series? Click here.

Whatever happened to Bella Goth? Ah, yes! A burning question. I’m talking about this in KFLL, but you can also read more about this in November.

I’m active on the forums: In fact, I participate in the reading circles – I also run my own circle (and we’ve got an opening or two right now if you’re interested in story-driven SimLit). You can read more here.

KFLL Will Return: In December… I know, you’re wondering why so long. It’ll give me a chance to finish up with I&S and FRWL (hopefully) and also focus on a few other projects (i.e. CFT and LFL).

Curious about me? Then ask… seriously, comment or message me. 🙂 Or you can read my updated bio here.

Personal Musings: I’ve reorganized my personal musings and author’s notes page to make it more user-friendly. Interested in reading non-Sims or supplemental stuff? Click here.

Awards and Honors: KCLKF and LASL have received multiple awards. You can check out my latest acceptances and nominations on my new Awards and Honors page.

Credits: Wanna know where I get my CC? Check out my Credits page or ask if you’re curious about a particular piece.

Who’s in the Family:  Having trouble remembering who is who? Did you know I have family trees (with potential spoilers, fyi) available for Kass’s family, the Goth family, and the Altos?  Check the links out here. You can also read character bios under the character bio tabs and I have different story bios available for those of you who aren’t caught up on my stories.

My Simworld: This section has undergone some major updates and adjustments and has some brand new content.

  • Want some fast facts or a snapshot of the world? Click here or here. You can also view some CC worlds links and locations on that page also.
  • My Aliens and Supernaturals page is updated to include all mentioned aliens to this date. You can also read about EXCES, the supernatural-alien-related disease and even more details about supernaturals, if you’re really curious.
  • My history of Simterra has been updated also and a new page includes a more detailed history. Also there’s a page specifically dedicated to SimNatives and their history.
  • My Military and War page has been updated to include detailed information about the wars with the Xenosi.
  • My Politics and Religion page has been updated to include details about my Simworld religions mentioned to date.
  • My Social Life page has been updated to include random fun facts about the society in my Simworld, mentioned in various chapters. Some of the things included on this page are alcohol, celebrities, cuisine, literature, music, films, social media, sports teams, etc.

My SimLit Reading List: I’ve updated my blogroll on the far left bar to include all the stories I’m currently reading, or trying to, at least. There’s so much good SimLit out there. It’s hard to keep up. Some of the stories have mature themes, just fyi.


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