Many New Posts

Hi readers,

I’ve been busy with offline stuff, well, and online stuff for my job. I’m finally getting around to updating you in case you haven’t been following over at Livin’a’Simmin’Life.

The Colt Family Traitacy is on a small hiatus until I can write more material. You can catch up on all the chapters here.

My on-a-roll writing has come to an end. Honestly, I wanted to write during the period where I had chapters posting daily on LASL, but I used the time to focus on work, grad school, and family. I’ll go back to a somewhat normal schedule now – 2-3 posts a week, unless I hit a spree again (which was thanks to Labor Day weekend last time). Maybe I need another holiday. 🙂

I&S has a boatload of new posts. If you haven’t been keeping up, KFLL is taking a short break while I fill in some of the gaps of what happened during her year away from home on the road with her dad, Howard. You can read more about her journey and catch up on all I&S chapters here.

Thanks for your understanding and your readership!

🙂 Lizzie

P.S. I do have 1 more I&S post releasing tomorrow before I need to play the game and write fresh material.


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