Livin’a’Simmin’Life Updates

Hi everyone,

I am working on setting up Kass’s world to my liking. Her world is the most complex of all my Sim worlds mostly because of large amounts of CC and a large cast of characters. I hope to have an update and a chapter soon.

If you haven’t already, pop over to my Simblr and check out my new series – Darkness May Dream. As you already know, my Sim stories are set in an alternate star system somewhere in our Milky Way galaxy. There are multiple alien races in addition to the Xenosi, including the parent race of the Sim-vampire hybrids. They are called the Titanav and they live on the planet, Tartarus (a.k.a the awesome horror world Wraith created by Qualihogs). You can read more about the world and the aliens on my main page link above. Also you can catch the first three installments over on my Simblr under the hashtag #darkness may dream.  This story is connected to the backstory to Jessica Rossum. You can read more about The Secret Identity of Jessica Rossum story found here.

I’ve updated Gage’s Summer of Love – and it’s now called From Riverview, With Love and will follow Gage Briody, ex-best friend of Kass’s, through a year of discovery, love, lust, passion, romance, and adventure. You can read his latest update – 1.3 Artist in Residence.

I’ve been binge writing for the Colt Family Traitacy (which has become something bigger than I was expecting). I am enjoying writing about the Rackets, and decided to explore the members of the family a bit more. You can read the latest installment – 1.30, Pt.1, Lolly’s Secret – and come back on my Livin’a’Simmin’Life WordPress every day this week for new posts.


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