Sim of the Month & Update on my Game/Stories

Winner Sim of the Month

I am honored to announce Kass Fullbright has been nominated as winner of The Sim of the Month over on the forums. You can read more about it here and here. (I go by Adamseve1231 on the forums because I can’t unfortunately change my username. Blah! Another EA annoyance).

As I previously mentioned I have had massive issues with my game. I’m in the process of recovering, but I’m in good shape as of now. I am unable to download the one last world I need from the Exchange – Legacy Island III on my desktop (at this point) and so I’ll need to finish out 2.0 Kassiopeia Fullbright and the Lost Legacy on my laptop. (Not the end of the world, but it does run a lot slower and isn’t as efficient). This might mean that chapters for Kass’s story will take longer to appear on the site.

In the meantime, I will be updating other stories. Awesome news! I managed to locate my original files for The Quakesword Family Legacy, Golden Wishes Wishacy, My Life with Criminals, My Year on the Road, and Mayfield Moments. I might… be revamping these stories in the future too. I have plans for Golden Wishes and My Year on the Road at least.

This week, you can enjoy 3 installments of the Colt Family Traitacy. I’ve been on a roll with writing.

Read today’s chapter – 1.26 Family Matters.

Follow CFT over on my other blog – and be sure to check back for Wednesday’s chapter – 1.27 Out of Controlbased on this writing prompt and Friday’s chapter – 1.28 Hope.

EDIT: Gage’s Summer of Love is being renamed From Riverview, With Love. Read more here

6 thoughts on “Sim of the Month & Update on my Game/Stories”

    1. I’m way behind on Kass. I’ve gotten enveloped in writing the Colt Family Traitacy and working on Gage’s spinoff. I’m working on Kass’s story in between Year 1 and Year 2 also. I’m hoping to have something up in September. Thanks for reading, Kate. 🙂

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