Here We Go Again

I have recently encountered a whole host of problems with my Sims 3 games, ranging from bad to worse to worst case scenario. I have managed to salvage some of my content, my characters, my worlds, and mods. I have been able to salvage the game on my laptop. However, I have been unable to get TS3 to run properly on my desktop, the more powerful of the two devices.

I will be taking a break from storytelling to work out all the kinks, do the setup again, create characters I lost, and try and rebuild from the ground up. I might have another Kass chapter for you this upcoming weekend; I might not. It depends on a wide variety of factors and my offline work load.

All members of Kass’s family and friend circle from KFLL have been saved, although there are some issues with CC so I may need to tweak character appearance.

I am unable to log into EA at this time so I’ve lost my store content and worlds and access to additionally saved characters. I am hoping this issue will resolve itself with time.

In the meantime, I don’t have access to Riverview or the Bagleys for my Gage’s Summer of Love spinoff. I might be able to recreate my own version of the Bagleys in CAS. This is seriously a lesson in backing up absolutely everything. I’m fortunate I didn’t lose everything, but I did lose a bit. This story will be placed on hiatus.

I don’t have access to Lucky Palms so I can’t include additional content from Kass’s gap year.

I don’t have access to Lunar Lakes or Roaring Heights so I won’t be able to include additional content about Kass’s family background in those worlds.

I do still have Twinbrook but I’ve been on hiatus with Rachel Colt’s story. I should be able to continue this story in the near future. In fact, this story will probably receive more attention since Twinbrook and its characters haven’t been affected.

Some building and lots and world appearances may be affected and altered because of my missing store content. Again, I’m seriously hoping this will resolve itself. Trust me. I have tried everything I can and have been in contact with EA support and there’s nothing more I can do on my end.

I thank you for your patience and understanding. Never fear. Knocking on wood, Kass’s story won’t die, even if it does take a bit of a makeover and some creative maneuvering.



7 thoughts on “Here We Go Again”

  1. Would it help you out if I jumped into my Riverview save and saved all the Bagleys into the Sim Bin and e-mailed you the .sim files? They’d be the game defaults, but it would be something?


  2. I simply couldn’t hit the like button on this!!! 😮 IT’S AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!! I’m so sorry for your lost content, Lizzie. I wish you can work it out soon. Did you manage to get the Bagleys? If I can help somehow, let me know 🙂


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