100 Posts. 100 Steps. 1000 More.

I’m excited as this is my 100th post on TheKrazyCrazyLifeofKass. 100 is a significant number for me. 100 seems like a big accomplishment especially when it feels like I just started yesterday and I didn’t have any readers. Now I have multiple loyal readers and commenters and I want to thank you and say I love you all (and you should know who you are!). I hope to bring you 100 more and beyond good posts!

Writing and publishing the Prologue: Bomb – was just a little step into a great adventure and a wonderful journey. I am reminded of this quote by ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu.

I hope you will continue to journey with me on the next 100 posts to a thousand steps. I am glad I stepped out bravely and joined the world of SimLit. This is really a huge thing for me given how I have never before shared my stories so openly with the world.

I’m honored to share with you stories from Kass’s life and the lives of others around her from my little corner of the world. Kass has taken me on an incredible journey of self-love and acceptance in these last year and 4 months. I have enjoyed getting to know her extended family and friends and their extended families.

If you’ve already read this post, this is the edited version. Mostly because I really wanted to thank all my readers and commenters and celebrate 100 posts!

As you might now, Sam Bagley Jr. is my edited version of Sherman Bagley from Riverview. His family’s story is My Life with Criminals (MLWC).

All week there will be new fresh content chapters of My Life with Criminals (MLWC) on my Simblr leading up to Gage’s Summer of Love (GSOL) on Friday, July 1st.

Gage is, of course, Kass’s ex-best friend.

My Life with Criminals MLWC

New chapter is up on my Simblr today – Chapter 13: Sam’s Dilemma.

Come back every day on my Simblr this week for more chapters of My Life with Criminals.


I shared more about Gage’s Summer of Love over on the forums and my other blog.

Thanks again for reading,

Lizzie 🙂


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