Mid June 2016 Updates

Hi everyone,

I finally posted content for Kass’s story and I can’t wait to release the next few chapters… but I will… let’s just say the plot thickens and we learn more about the Silverton Estate mystery and the Lost Legacy.

I’m going to start including little notes and extras to the chapters over on my forums page. This doesn’t mean I won’t have extras/notes at the bottom of posts, but I’ll be offering additional content over at the forums.

This weekend’s post: 2.22 Muddled Words has an author’s note over at the forums. Click here.

I meant to release these pictures before I posted this past week’s chapter. Click over to my Simblr for more funny Bella Goth in Bay City pics.

Colt Family Traitacy Gen 1

I released a new chapter of the Colt Family Traitacy last week and Rachel drops a bombshell of an announcement. Read more here.

My Life with Criminals MLWC

Two new chapters of My Life with Criminals is up – Chapter 11 – Sam Helps a Friend and Chapter 12 – Sam Gets Robbed.

1 final chapter of My Life with Criminals: Sam’s Story will be up next Monday on my Simblr.

And Gage’s Summer of Love is coming in 2 weeks!

Happy Simming!

Lizzie 🙂

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