My Life with Criminals & Gage Briody Update

I finally scheduled all the My Life with Criminals chapters on my Simblr (even if they’ve been written for almost two years now). The reason for the delay is that I wrote everything in Word format in blog style and never posted or published it.

My Life with Criminals MLWC

For those of you who are new, My Life with Criminals was a series following Sam Bagley Jr. of the Riverview Bagleys. It was the first story I ever wrote/played. You can read more, find the chapter list, and start from the beginning here.

Or if you’ve been reading, enjoy the latest installation Sam’s Acceptance.

I will be posting updates for Sam’s story (MLWC) into mid-June on Mondays.

Then I will be revealing brand new content on an unfinished series – Gage Briody: The Man, the Myth, and the Legend. As you recall, Gage is the nephew of Ma (Missy) Bagley and cousin of Rhoda and Sam Jr.

The series will be renamed – My Life with Criminals: Gage’s Summer of Love (GSL). The series will follow Gage and his cousin, Sam in the Summer of 2215. This will pick up after the final installation of the original MLWC series (ending mid-June) and after Gage and Kass part ways at the end of KCLKF in Chapter 31.

I’ll be giving sneak previews and provide more detail in the near future. Enjoy!


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