Letters from Lizzie (LFL)

Letters from Lizzie part 1

When Lizzie receives an assignment from her teacher to write to a pen pal, she would’ve never guessed her writing buddy was an alien in disguise. While the assignment was only supposed to last a year, Lizzie and ARP-0107X, whom she nicknames Arpeggio,  develop a friendship and keep writing throughout elementary school into their teenage years and into adulthood. He inserts himself into family on Simterra and tries to act like a Sim. The only soul who knows the truth is Lizzie. Will their alien-Sim friendship stand the test of time? 

I am rebooting my Simself adventures story with a different approach.

You can read the Prologue: Forgotten (if you haven’t already). This is still Lizzie’s story.

I have a new post Prologue: Consequences in the same series written from her “pen pal’s” point of view.


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