The Secret Identity of Jessica Rossum


I’m writing a new story over on my Livin’a’Simmin’Life blog called The Secret Identity of Jessica Rossum (SIJR). This is the first installment in a brand new series in the same universe and timeline as Kass’s story. In fact, there will be crossover.

Jessica’s story takes place in Strangetown and begins at the same time as Kass’s story does right after graduation in the summer of 2215.

Don’t worry about Kass. I’ll keep writing her story. I’m behind with playing her game and getting chapters written so bear with me. Grad school is keeping me busy.

In the meantime, please pop over and read Jess’s story – 1.0 Past is Prologue.

2 thoughts on “The Secret Identity of Jessica Rossum”

  1. Hey Lizzie! It’s such an awesome surprise to hear that you’re writing another story with a planned crossover! And it’s even more awesome that it takes place in Strangetown! It’s my favorite neighborhood from TS2 so it will be so much fun to see this town come to life in the Sims 3. Are the townies the same as in the original Strangetown? Can’t wait to start reading! 😉

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    1. Many of the townies are included in the download. I’m planning to recreate many of the ones who aren’t included. Thanks for reading. I have a couple different stories in the works and I decided to give my readers a new story chapter to read while I catch up on writing more of Kass’ story.

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