Maps, Birthdays, and Other Things

Hello everyone,

I’ll be posting once a week (with an occasional exception). I wanted to inform you about some major updates to the blog.

  • As you may have already noticed, I am no longer posting warnings at the top of posts with sensitive or adult content. Many of my chapters in Part 2 contain adult conversations, adult situations, sexual innuendo, woohoo references, mild language, and possible violence. I will no longer be posting warnings at the top of each chapter. There is a warning on my home page. Consider yourself warned. 
  • All the dates have been removed from Part 1. There were too many continuity errors.
  • I’ve also updated birthdays for Kass, Carina, and Andi on The Family Echo. There were some gross miscalculations. I apologize. Everything should be in order now.
  • There’s a new page for EXCES now.
  • The Aliens and Supernaturals page has a link to cities on Xenosa.
  • View my updated Maps and Locations including Simnadia (Canada) and Mexsimcali (Mexico/South America). You can also see a map of the SimUnion (Europe). My cities around the world are also updated for SimNation, SimUnion, Simiribbean Islands, Asima, Af’simca, and Off-World Locations. This page also includes the updated Waterworks. Links to external sites are included for each world. Certain cities have been moved around and renamed.
  • Amy and Clark moved to Oakland instead of Mayfield Springs.

Happy February!

🙂 Lizzie


8 thoughts on “Maps, Birthdays, and Other Things”

  1. I love all the extra details you work out for you story 🙂 The map is cool (I see Evansdale County in there, I love it – it’s actually going to be the location of gen 2 of my 100 baby challenge!).
    I think I’ve fallen a bit behind with your story … I really need to find where I was up to and catch up! 🙂


    1. Thank you. Yes, I spent a lot of time on the maps. I’m still adding stuff here and there, but it’ll be awhile before I update again most likely. I have a map for the Simworld version of “Europe” too over on my actual maps page if you haven’t checked it out.

      No worries. I’ve fallen behind too. I think I’ve lost my footing a little in part 2 but I’m slowly making progress. I’m not sure exactly where you left off reading, but the last comment you made (before now) was on Chapter 23. I hope that helps.

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