Rebooting The Lost Legacy and Other December Updates

Due to my horror-of-all-horrors, the one all Sims gamers dread, loss and corruption of game content, I’ve needed to redo my entire plans for Kass’s story. Not to worry. I have finally brought the game back to where I want it.


What’s Changed and What’s New… 

  • I changed Kass’s age from twenty to nineteen. Why? I wasn’t ready for her to be twenty, and I had some other logistics to tweak. Because of this, Kass was now seventeen in part 1, graduating high school six months before her 18th birthday. If you’re just now reading and you haven’t caught on, it’s okay. I’ve already gone back and tweaked posts where Kass’s age was mentioned. I also realize that despite the fact that my Simworld drinking age is 18, Kass was drinking at the age of 17. Disclaimer: I do not promote underage drinking of any kind.
  • Marino and Adelaide Riveria retired to Monte Vista instead of Moonlight Falls. (I realized I wanted to have Marino reunite with his Simtalian family, and I wanted to reserve Moonlight Falls for something else).
  • The Silverton Estate has been changed, mostly because I lost the original downloaded lot. Sorry that means the cover photo isn’t accurate right now. That’ll change in the near future. The “new” Silverton Estate is now a modified Dutch Hall by liberty from The Sims Resource. The address has changed from 44 Elderberry Lane to 16 Crooked Road (because I couldn’t place this large of a lot in my original location).
  • Rose, the mysterious new caretaker, has been changed to Bea Honeywell.
  • You can read the bios of all the major characters from Part 1 (with appearances from Davis, Ayesha, and Gage) and there’s now a separate page for minor characters. I plan to introduce all the minor characters this way from now on to avoid lengthy footnote/story extras. I’ll also have an updated bios page for part 2 soon (for those of you who are already caught up, and for those of you who aren’t, these page will include spoilers).
  • The Goth family tree just got a major makeover… and it’s super confusing, even for me, and I created it. Oh the things I do to myself! Both Bella and Mortimer are distantly related to Simelia Goth, the founder of SimNation… Bella is Simelia’s great, great grandneice and Mortimer is her great-great-great grandson so that makes the couple… I think, fourth cousins. (correct me if I’m wrong). Bella’s mom, Jocasta, is still Kass’s doctor. She’s also the mom of Marshall and Nella in Sunset Valley, eliminating the weird double Michaels and Bellas. (In case you haven’t realized yet, I don’t subscribe to the Sims 3 being set before the Sims 2 story).  Bella is still the oldest, followed by Michael, then Marshall, and little Nella was a surprise addition later in life. (Sorry if the kinks aren’t completely worked out… like partnerships instead of marriages. I’ll edit this soon.)

If there are any other updates I’ve missed, I’ll keep you posted. Happy Simming!


3 thoughts on “Rebooting The Lost Legacy and Other December Updates”

  1. I’m sorry for your lost game! I don’t know what happened to you exactly, but from now on make sure to save often and always use the option ‘Save as’ to prevent overwritting the previous save. This way you should be able to go back to the last healthy save without losing everything. But as I said before, I don’t know what happened to your game so this advice might be out of place. In any case, I’m happy you managed to get back to the current state of your story so you can go on playing and writing 🙂

    Where does the screenshot come from? Is it from a custom world? It looks amazing! So green! I love it!


    1. Yes, I added NRAAS mod- Saver – so I’m prompted to save often. I didn’t think to save using “save as.” Mostly, I transferred data from my laptop to my desktop because my desktop can handle the power and storage that my laptop can’t. In the process, the data was corrupted. I still have access to some of it on my old laptop so if I really wanted it, I can transfer some things, but basically I had to redownload all my mods and custom content. I can’t run the game anymore on my laptop (it’s too old) but I do have files I’m still trying to recover.

      The world is Legacy Island III (which I’ve renamed Bay City, for purposes of my story). It’s created by Rflong 7 and can be downloaded on the Exchange here –
      The world is also featured in The Sims 3 catalog here –
      I get most of my worlds from here as they are high quality and excellent options for gameplay.

      The photo is specifically an extra I had leftover from later on in part 2 of Kass’s story.

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