The Bad News… and The Good News


Yes, that’s a photo of Kass crying…

…appropriate too (although she’s crying because of Davis and I’m crying because of my data loss).

As I posted on my home page, I lost a lot of my game content when I transferred files from my laptop to my desktop. This has involved me re-dowloading and installing all my custom content, mods, and custom worlds. Unfortunately, I’ve lost some of my characters from my various Sims stories, including Kass’s grandfather, Marino Riveria, her best friend, the modified Ayesha Ansari, her new stepbrothers, Kaden and Kasey Sauer, and her new boss, the modified Brendon Shore. (I’ll keep you posted in case I missed anyone… and don’t worry, I’ll be re-creating these characters.) 

When I lost almost all of my data during a ill-fated transfer of files, I thought all hope was lost for Kassiopeia Fullbright’s story and her subsequent mystery series. I had hoped to launch The Lost Legacy soon, and my content loss is a pain-in-the-butt obnoxious recovery. However, this opened up avenues of thought and fresh ideas I hadn’t previously considered, namely a tie-in to the famous Bella Goth. Read more.

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