Prologue, Pt. 1: The Last Night of Bella Goth (LVB)

Tuesday, Simtember 6 , 2416 | The Hotel of the Future | Oasis Landing, Simvada

It was over. He was coming for her.


Bella Goth shivered as she slammed the window shut in her dark hotel room. The wind howled defiantly, still managing to make the room cold even though she had closed the window. She snapped the blinds to nearly closed and peered through the thin slats. No one was outside on the courtyard to her relief. But Bella knew he was out there. Her heart was pounding. She didn’t have much time left. He would find her. He promised her that.


A frightening zigzag of light momentarily lit the room followed by a raging boom of thunder. Bella sank weakly into the dining table chair. If only Mortimer were here, she wouldn’t be so easily startled. He would like the Hotel of the Future. She found the penthouse to be quite to her liking – rich Merlot carpet, striking red walls, mahogany wood furniture.  The suite came equipped with a wet bar, old-fashioned writing desk, and a beautiful brick fireplace. If only Mortimer were here, they’d crack open a bottle of bubbly and sip rose champagne in tall frosted glasses in front of a blazing fire. He would’ve already called the police, and they’d be sitting here celebrating the capture of the mysterious man behind the death threat.


Bella shoved back the chair and stood up angrily. She was angry at herself. She was angry about her attacker. She stood over the bar and grabbed it to steady herself. Bella clutched her chest as hot searing pain seeped through her body and she cried out in horror. This was a terrible way to die.  Mortimer wasn’t here to comfort her, and he couldn’t be. If he was, he’d know, and she couldn’t tell him. She wouldn’t tell him. She still was a bit shell-shocked regarding the news herself. She was head over heels in love with the man of her dreams – wealthy, handsome, distinguished, and most of all, affectionate. How did this happen?


Bella dropped to the love seat and wept for herself, for her family, and for the child she had never known. How come it had taken her this long to remember that night? Why now? When everything was perfect with Mortimer and they were more in love than ever, when her daughter was getting married next year, and when her son was excelling in university…. Are those the only people you’re thinking of? Aren’t you forgetting someone? Aren’t you forgetting what happened after that night? Aren’t you forgetting who you became? All the lies you’ve told Bella… they are coming for you. You can’t hide anymore. Bella shook her head, terrified. The voices in her head were circling like sharks waiting for their bleeding prey. How could I have forgotten her?

Hot tears pricked at her eyelids. Bella swiped at her eyes as she sat down at the table once more. She pulled out a piece of stationary and a pen and began writing.

Dear daughter,


No, that sounded terrible! She didn’t even know her name. How could I not know her name? All these years and she hadn’t once thought to find her child? What’s wrong with me?  She had looked up the mother. The woman had recently been remarried and was living with her new husband and family. Her name? What is her name?  Bella tried again.

My precious baby girl,


No, it still sounded weird. The girl wasn’t a baby anymore. She was a young adult. She had to be. The age was right. She’d be almost twenty in a few months. Bella’s hands were shaking. She put down the pen. Nineteen years! Twenty years ago to be exact. That’s the night it happened. The night everything changed. The night she knew she couldn’t come back to Mortimer the same woman. It wasn’t her fault. She didn’t know the coffee was drugged. All these years and she finally figured it out and now she didn’t have much time.

My darling daughter,

If you are reading this, I suppose I am dead.


Bella exhaled a shuddering sob and continued to write from her heart. Once she was finished, she sealed the letter with a few other items inside a manila envelope. Silently, she stole from her hotel room. She avoided the elevator and used the stairs to descend to the lobby. She found what she was looking for on the far edge of the business lounge. Bella kissed the package and slipped it into the darkness of the mailbox – her only salvation and hope.


Returning to her suite, Bella poured herself a drink, and then another, and another… trying desperately to drown her sorrows. The pain wasn’t so bad now. Even if she did survive, how could she explain to Mortimer? To Cassandra? To Alexander? What would she say? Maybe she would just run away and hide. Maybe Mortimer could come with her. No, he would never forgive me. No better for the lies to end with me. Better for there to be no more… Bella collapsed on the love seat and curled up, fingering her wedding ring longingly. Oh Mortimer, I love you with all my heart, but this would break yours. She cried herself to sleep. She would never see him again.


In the morning, she’d be dead.

2.2  Coming Soon! 

  • Who is Bella Goth afraid of?
  • What happened in Bella’s past?
  • Who is this mysterious daughter she is writing a letter to? 
  • Why is Bella going to die?

Author Changes: What’s different? 

  • The Goth family tree is updated.
  • “Living back East” was removed.
  • Dates were changed.

Story Extras: 

  1. The shadowy disappearance of Bella Goth is one of the Sims most well known and beloved mysteries. There are many theories out there about what happened to the glamorous Bella, wife of Mortimer Goth and mother of Cassandra and Alexander. I’ve always wanted to write my own version of the Bella mystery and I’m excited to intertwine her tale with my protagonist, Kassiopeia Fullbright’s story. This is going to be a long-term mystery and won’t be solved immediately. Nothing is what it seems. That’s all I’m going to say.
  2. The Hotel of the Future is a cc lot found on The Sims 3 Exchange and modified by me to include Bella’s penthouse suite.  In my Simworld, there isn’t any time travel (sorry, folks!). Oasis Landing, while it is a world included in the Into the Future expansion pack, it isn’t set in the future. Instead Oasis Landing is a futuristic-styled small town in the state of Simvada where the government does top secret research and rockets get launched into outer space. The government buildings aren’t open to the general public, but a certain amount of wealth can buy a visit to some of the “sights” in town.

Next Chapter: Prologue, Part 2: 100 Years (LVB) 


12 thoughts on “Prologue, Pt. 1: The Last Night of Bella Goth (LVB)”

  1. Oh, wow! This is changing everything – I’m not sure if I got it right – is Bella Goth Kassiopeia’s biological mother?!?! The clues seem to lead to Kass. I have to know what happened in the past, this is so confusing. Amy and her teen pregnancy… Mysterious sibling… Bella’s daughter… Her death… What is happening???

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, I kinda threw you all for a loop. I have always loved Bella Goth and the mystery of her disappearance and death is definitely worth solving. I’m doing my own take on it. Trust me. You’ll get answers in time. No accidental spoilers from me. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

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