2.0 Resolutions

Sunday, Simtember 4, 2416 | Legacy Island, Bay City, Califorsimia  


Most people write resolutions at the beginning of a new year. Typically, the new year begins in Simuary. For me, it’s Simtember. A fresh start. An empty slate. A blank page. I guess you can call it a new school year. No, I’m not at Edgewater Global Business College in Twinbrook. Actually I’m not in Sunset Valley anymore. Let me back up.

Resolution #1: Scrapbook my journey. 


After Nonno and Nonna caught Davis and Gage in my bedroom, I broke up with Davis for good. I called Dad and we went on that road trip he wanted to take. Kate kicked Dad out. She supposedly transferred to the Pleasantville office and met some rich older guy. Dad is better off without Kate. I am glad she is out of his life.

daddy daughter roadtrip

Dad bought a camper from a friend of his and we hit the road. If you’re trying to find yourself, a road trip is a fantastic idea. We drove to Lucky Palms, Simvada first. Nine states. Twelve Months. What a wonderful adventure. It is my goal to upload photos and blog about our journey together on my Simblr.

Resolution #2: Get to know my new stepfather and stepbrothers. 


Oh yeah! Did I mention Mamma and Clark got married? He proposed last winter while they were walking through the park. Why he thought the soccer nets were romantic is beyond me but Mamma was super ecstatic.


They decided to get married at The Pink Flamingo Hotel in the late Simmay. Mamma asked me to be her maid of honor. Clark’s coworker from the school was his best man. Cari and Andi were bridesmaids and Kaden and Kasey, Clark’s sons, were his groomsmen.

The ceremony was beautiful. Mamma picked tasteful dresses for us ladies. Her colors were pink and purple. I posted pictures on my Simblr. Beau and Victoria Andrews played the wedding ceremony music. Jade’s Java Jolt did the catering. I kept hoping that Davis would be there, and then again, I hoped he wouldn’t. I didn’t know what I would say. I’m glad he didn’t come. Granny Jade was there though with a delicious triple mocha fudge wedding cake and plenty of her delicious coffees for the guests.


Clark and Mamma looked so great together.


When they returned from their honeymoon, the “happy couple” moved the family to Oakland. He bought his dream house and surprised Mamma with it as a wedding gift. I have to admit their new home is gorgeous. Mamma got a job working as a playground attendant at Crestview School and Clark is trying to start his own landscaping business. I think he will do well given how beautiful the landscaping is at their house.



Kaden and Kasey’s mom, Lana Louie, got a job offer in Shang Simla with the help of her brother, Bao. The boys moved in with their dad and new stepmom. Kaden is a junior in high school and is a great pitcher in baseball. Kasey gave up on sports, much to his father’s chagrin, and enjoys video gaming. Of course, Cari and Andi moved too. Mamma is living with four teenagers. I think they’ll do fine… I hope!?!?!

Resolution #3: Keep in touch with siblings more.  


Cari is a senior in high school this year and dating Joey Mendez. Mamma is worried she’s not taking her classes seriously and is spending all her time with “the boy.” I think she’s just a teenager and that’s what seventeen-year-olds do.


Cari is having a hard time adjusting to a new stepdad, stepbrothers, moving, and being outshined by her little sister. I would like to spend more time with her this year.


Andi skipped junior year and is a senior just like Cari even though she’s only fifteen. Cari doesn’t really seem to like this and they aren’t getting along as usual.


Andi and VJ are still dating, but their relationship is hanging on by a thread. The distance isn’t helping and VJ got a scholarship to a Peteran Seminary in Simlaska. Andi hopes he doesn’t go and transfers to Oakland Seminary  instead, but it doesn’t look promising. She spends most of her time, when she’s not studying or doing extra credit, chatting with him on Sim-ype.

Resolution #4: Keep in touch with Nonna and Nonno. 

Speaking of moves, Nonno and Nonna moved to Monte Vista. The house is smaller and easier to manage. After I left last summer, I heard through the grapevine about Nonno’s falling problem. Nonna wanted a ranch-style house and something where Nonno could concentrate on fishing and other age-appropriate activities. I don’t know how they feel about me, but I saw them at the wedding and Nonno seems to have forgiven me. I’m planning to try and write a postcard every once in awhile and to call twice a month.

Resolution #5 Get over Davis. 

I keep playing “that” night over and over again in my mind. You know which one. Well, actually there are two of them. The night Davis told me about his crazy past and the night Gage and I spent together. What if… Jennifer hadn’t died on that night? What if… I had just allowed Davis to explain more? What if… I hadn’t gone out with Gage that other night? What if… I hadn’t gotten plastered?


Well, it turns out that it didn’t matter because what-ifs rarely do. I ran into Davis in Starlight Shores in Simpril. I wasn’t prepared for how deeply I’d feel about him. I had dated a little here and there in between but nothing serious. I guess I had still been holding out hope in the back of my mind that we’d work out.

I met the woman who had fallen in love with him. She had kids from a previous relationship and she had known Davis most of their life. He seemed pretty happy with her. I guess it’s my own fault for waiting too long. I still cried pretty hard.

Resolution #6 Have clear expectations for my next dating relationship. 

Clearly alcohol and I don’t mix. After my weird night with Gage I hoped to change my luck. When you’re young and drunk you make stupid mistakes. Unfortunately, those mistakes can haunt you later. Gage had run away to Riverview to visit his relatives, and then Natalya turned up on his doorstep nine months later with a surprise… oh yeah, Gage is a dad.

I tried dating again. At first I thought this guy was dreamy. He was an artist in Lucky Palms, but a few drinks later, I was doing things I thought I’d never do and regretted them seriously the next day. I still can’t believe how stupid I was. We didn’t work out, of course. I am better off without him. Seriously, the next time I date, I want to have extremely clear expectations because I’m definitely not drinking ever again!

Resolution #7 Visit Al Simhara. 

Ayesha got in trouble with the law. Nothing huge, but she did spend a night in jail. Her parents were fed up with her antics and sent her to live with her sister in Al Simhara. She stopped by Bridgeport for a few hours and we grabbed a coffee before she headed out. I promised her I’d save up to visit her in Simtulan. Dad said he’d come with me as he’d love to go and see where his “momma,” Bea, was born.

Resolution #8: Keep a steady job. 


I’m interning with The Bay City Buzz, a local broadsheet newspaper. Hey, it’s not the greatest but it gets me in the door with writing. I’m primarily fetching coffee and proofing articles, but at least it’s a job. Gotta pay the bills, right?

Resolution # 9: Find a cure for EXCES. 

My boss caught me again the other day researching EXCES instead of doing my work on the Legacy College rush week article. I’m lucky he hasn’t fired me yet. I’m still hoping to find a cure. Lucky for me, Raven Research Syndicate partners with Doo Peas Pharmaceuticals, with offices in Bay City and Sunset Valley. I’m hoping to get an interview with the chief financial officer in the local office. My boss isn’t all that enthusiastic about the story but he promised to get me more information about an “in” with the DPP after the weekend. Let’s hope I can last that long.

Resolution #10: Move into my new home. 


If you can’t tell, I moved to the Bay City. I discovered that Nonno’s mother, my great-grandmother Celestia, owned a home on the Legacy Island, and she left it to me in her will to claim upon my eighteenth birthday. I’m moving out of the dorms and into the estate tomorrow.


Mamma thinks I’m acting ridiculously. She’s still miffed about me passing on a full ride to college. I’m trying to please her by attending a few classes at the local Legacy College – getting my associates degree. Someday I’ll get my bachelors, but not yet. I want to settle into the new place first.

Everyone says the house is creepy and haunted. I think it’s perfect… an adventure waiting to happen. I discovered Mamma actually lived with my great-grandma in her late teen years. She said there may be a box of her things in the attic. I can’t wait to find it. The house is called Silverton Family Estate and it was built in the early days of Bay City.

This is going to be a fresh start for me. An empty slate. A blank page. Tomorrow I start my new life.

2.1 Coming Soon! 

  • How will Kass adjust to her new life in Bay City?
  • Will she find a cure for EXCES or the answers she hopes through all her research? 
  • How will the renovations of the Antonelli Estate go? Is it really haunted?
  • Will we learn more about the adventures and mishaps and mistakes made on Kass’s road trip with her dad? 

Author’s Changes: What’s different? 

  • Dates were changed to Simlish.
  • Offices for Doo Peas Pharmaceuticals were added to Sunset Valley in addition to Bay City.
  • A note about a Kass moving out of her dorms was added.
  • The picture of the mobile home was updated to include changes.
  • A picture of Kass’ love interest from I&S: Lucky Palms episodes was updated.
  • Alasimka to Simlaska
  • Simbrush to Simvada

14 thoughts on “2.0 Resolutions”

  1. What a great start! Kass is really lucky. The Silverton Estate looks amazing! I can’t wait what mysteries are hidden within its walls…

    I’m happy that Amy got married again. She’s got two more teens to care about, but I’m sure that together with her husband they will manage 🙂

    I’m curious what happened in those 10 months Kass spent with her dad on the road… It’s so nice to see they have such a great relationship. Now, that Howard is alone he’s got at least one daughter who cares about him. I wonder if Cari and Andi will ever meet with their dad again…

    Hopefully, after the breakup with Davis and unsuccessful relationships with others, Kass will find her true soulmate. I hope we’ll hear more about Gage, Natalya and their baby!

    I can’t wait to read more of this story, it looks so promising!!! 🙂


    1. I had fun with the Silverton Estate. I would love it if someone left me a house like that. Although it’s a lot to keep up with and it’s pretty empty with just Kass. So there will be lots of visitors, family, and friends stopping by. There’s a good bit to learn about it, and I’m just now delving into some deeper history about halfway through this part.

      You’ll learn more about Kass and her dad. Gage and Davis both make appearances in Part 2. I’m thrilled for Amy. Clark proposing on the soccer field with snow in Sunset Valley was a little odd to me, but unique. I forgot to turn the snow option off so I guess fluke snow storm by the beach?!? I loved it so I kept it in.

      Thanks so much for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wouldn’t mind such inheritance myself! Unfortunately doesn’t happen often in real life… I’m happy that Kass got a chance to start from scratch. I’m curious if her sisters are going to be jealous of her. Maybe they’ll come to live with her later on? I guess I should keep reading 😉


      2. That’s a nice thing about the Sims. Escape from reality. All sorts of exciting things can happen. I think that’s partly why we enjoy stories though because the characters get to go on adventures and take us along for the ride.

        Kass’s sisters will make an appearance later on. Yes, keep reading. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, lots of changes from the first story here! I like it, actually. Although I really enjoyed the first part of the story, this has more of a sense of adventure and a bigger world to explore with the moving and the new places and the possibly haunted house. I’m really interested to see where this is going.

    Liked by 1 person

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