1.31: Zero Chances

There comes a point in someone’s life where you realize you are unprepared to face the results of something. Add large quantities of alcohol and your judgment becomes impaired. That I was prepared for because of biology class. What I wasn’t prepared for was the look on Davis’ face when I awakened… in my underwear… in bed… with Gage.


I had to be dreaming. Davis stood at the end of the bed and he was just staring at me. His eyes said it all. He was shocked and heartbroken. Part of me felt sorry. Another part of me wanted to know what the hell was going on. I rubbed my eyes as I sat up. He was real. I pinched myself just in case. I felt horrified. No, worse. Mortified.  And realized I was still in just my underwear. At this point it didn’t matter.

“Davis! This isn’t what it looks like,” I screeched, and covered my mouth, disliking my tone and pitch, partly because I was hung over and partly because I didn’t want to draw any more attention.

Gage stirred on his side of the bed, rolled over, and grunted.

“What the hell?” he mumbled, lifting his face off the pillow.


“Exactly!” I threw off the covers. At this point, being in my underwear really was the least of my concerns. I threw on my robe and rounded the bed. “Davis! Oh my llamas! I…uh… seriously… this isn’t what it looks like.”

“It’s not?” he repeated incredulously, shifting his weight to his other leg, his opposite shoulder rising almost defensively. “You’re… in bed… with him,” he continued slowly. “What am I supposed to think?”

“I… uh…” I tried to think but my brain felt too fuzzy. “I went to pick… Gage up yesterday at the beach.”

“This isn’t the beach.”

Thank you, Captain Obvious, but how the hell did I get into my grandparent’s guest bedroom? And what the hell is Gage doing here? And why am I in my underwear? It would’ve been so nice to figure all this out before my ex-boyfriend walked in on us.

“Well… yeah… I mean… we were at a party… and we were drinking… I just had a few, honestly, I swear…” I trailed off because the look on Davis’ face told me he really didn’t care about the alcohol part.

“Oh llamas!” Gage rubbed his own eyes.

I ignored him. “Davis, I… we went for a swim and came back here and fell asleep… that’s all I swear.”

“You swear?” he didn’t seem to believe me.

“That’s all?” Gage repeated, as if questioning me.

“Not helping,” I glared at Gage.

“Sorry,” he put his hands up in the air. “I’m just as surprised about this as you are.”

“Kass, why?” Davis asked sadly.

“Why what, man?” Gage started counting on his fingers. “Look, one, she and you… broke up… and well, two, obviously we decided to get together and three, we just slept together.”

“But not slept together slept together,” I interjected rapidly.  “I didn’t do anything with Gage… I swear…”

“And if you had?” Gage said nonchalantly. “We’re all adults. Well…” he looked at Davis darkly. “At least some of us are.”

“Gage! Shut up!” I screeched.


“I can’t believe you’d do this! I mean I thought you were different. I thought you were better. I thought…GAH!” Davis cried out and dropped his head.

“Davis!” I covered my face in embarrassment. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” Gage said with disgust from the bed. “You broke up with him, remember? Why are you sorry?”

“Gage! Shut up!” I howled. “Nothing happened.”

“Are you sure?” Davis asked incredulously.

I dropped my eyes to the floor shamefully. Even if nothing had happened, any hope I had of getting back together with Davis was shot. Why should it matter? He had slept with a stripper before me. So what if I slept with my best friend? But I was ashamed. Deeply regretfully ashamed. I didn’t want to sleep with Gage. I hadn’t wanted to be with Gage. I never did. I was stupid and insecure and couldn’t deal with all the fallout from dealing with Davis’ confession, Jennifer’s death, and my own train wreck over at the Goth house. It didn’t matter if nothing happened. It sure looked like it did. That was enough to sign my conviction.


“Go ahead,” I whispered.

“Go ahead with what?” Davis asked quietly.

“With the condemnation. With the yelling. With the telling everyone,” I lifted my sad eyes to meet his.

“I’m not going to tell everyone, Kass,” Davis sighed.

Gage leaped out of the bed. “Damn right you’re not going to tell anyone,” he snarled. “You’re going to get the hell out of our room.”

“Your room?” Davis’ eyes narrowed disdainfully. “You don’t live here.”

“Yeah, and you only work here,” Gage growled. “Get the hell out! This is my girlfriend’s and my business, not yours. You don’t belong here. Get out before I have to do something.


“You can’t threaten me,” Davis said calmly, straightening to his full height.

“And you can’t scare me,” Gage sneered, throwing his shoulders back forcefully.

“Guys!” I interjected weakly, my eyes widening. I was afraid they were going to attack each other and that would definitely draw attention. “Stop! Please!”

“She chose me,” Gage began.

“Stop it! I didn’t choose anyone…” I interrupted. “I didn’t do anything. I didn’t sleep with you, Gage. Well, okay, I slept with you, but not  like… woohoo…”


“You need to make a choice,” Davis replied as he angled toward me, purposely trying to exclude Gage.

“She already chose me,” Gage snapped. “She called me instead of you.”

“No, you called me,” I corrected.

“Whatever, you came…” Gage rolled his eyes at me, returning his attention to Davis. “She came and didn’t go with you. She partied with me. Danced with me. Slept in a bed with me. Hell, she even skinny dipped with me last night in the ocean.”

“What?” I exclaimed, suddenly feeling dizzy. What did I do last night? Oh llamas! Gage saw me naked??!?!? 


“Are you okay?” Davis turned to me and asked, his voice barely a whisper.

“Am I??” I asked aloud, more to myself than them.

“GET OUTTA HERE BEFORE I WRING YOUR NECK!” Gage thundered, lunging forward.

Davis threw up his hands in surrender. “Look, man, you already won. You already got my girl. You don’t need to prove anything.”

I nearly burst into tears after hearing him say “my girl.” I glared at Gage. Who are you? I thought in complete and utter disgust. What had happened to my best friend, the boy who had confessed a mere few weeks ago that he loved me? I balled my fists. He made me so angry. He had wrecked everything.

“Both of you! Get out!” I screeched.

“Kass, are you sure?” Davis asked.

“Baby, I’m fighting for you,” Gage protested.

“GET OUT!” I screamed. “You!” I looked at Davis. “Oh… I can’t… not now. And you?” I looked at Gage. “I can’t believe you! I can’t believe this!”

“Do you want me to escort him out?” Gage nearly gloated.

“NO!” I shrieked before my voice returned to an semi-emotionally stable normal tone. “This is my grandparent’s home. He is a tenant and an employee and you are… you’re not who I thought you are. You… you both… just… need… to leave.”

“But baby,” Gage sighed.

“Don’t baby me! Don’t baby me at all. One bit. Not one iota. I’m not your baby. I’m not his baby. I’m not anyone’s baby. Get out,” I yelled.

“Come on, let’s leave,” Davis reached for Gage’s arm.

“Don’t you dare touch me, you arrogant bastard son-of-a-llama freakshow who stuck it to  Kass with a stripper!” Gage said maliciously. Seeing my widened eyes, he added, “Yes, Kass, I know. I had him checked out. Did you know that the bastard was married?”

“He… wha?” I blinked hard. “You what?” He married the stripper?!? 

“Yeah the guy was married and he didn’t tell you,” Gage said. “Some girl named Lynda Anderson… turns out she was a hooker named Phoenix… and he married her knowing full well her profession, that jack…”

“Don’t! Don’t finish that thought,” I cut him off. “Stop attacking Davis, Gage, this is so unlike you. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me?” Gage’s eyes widened. Clearly he had no idea how obnoxious he was being. “What’s wrong with him? He married a stripper…” he glared at Davis. “Probably didn’t satisfy her either. Not after a long line of… other partners… that’s probably why she died of a drug overdose.”

Davis lurched forward, but before he could hit Gage, I did. I whacked him hard in the jaw.

“What the…” Gage doubled over and rubbed his face.

“Get out, Gage, or I swear to God, I will kill you!” I narrowed my eyes and shook violently.

“What’s going on in here?” a voice interjected in our conversation.

My grandfather walked in the room in his pajamas, obviously shocked to see me in the guest room  arguing with Gage and Davis.


Nonna lectured me.


Nonno lectured Gage.


Davis was fired. Nonna threatened me.

“Young lady, you won’t be able to live in this house if you can’t follow the rules!”

“Nonna, I’m eighteen! And nothing happened. How many times do I have to tell you nothing happened?”

“He was in your bedroom! Our bedroom! Under our roof! What were you thinking?”

“I wasn’t, Nonna, I’m sorry.”

“You better not get pregnant!”

“Nonna! I didn’t sleep with Gage!”

“You better not get pregnant like your mother did when she was seventeen because I swear to God you will not be allowed in this house ever again!”

I stared at her in shock and horror. The words hit me one at a time with equal force, like a blow to my stomach. Mamma? Pregnant? Before Dad? Mamma got pregnant at seventeen?!? Where was this baby? Who was the father? Did Mamma have another kid out there somewhere? Did Dad know? Did anyone else know? First Davis had been married, then Mamma had been pregnant before me. It was too much to process in one day.

Then Nonna pulled the d-word.


“I’m so disappointed in you, piccola.”

That’s when I knew I’d have zero chances of convincing her I was innocent. Because I wasn’t innocent anymore.

I called my father.

Chapter 2.0 Coming Soon! 

This concludes Part 1 of The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright. Thank you so much for following the series. I apologize profusely for the delay in posting this final chapter. The summer was busy for me. 

Part 2 will start soon.  Unfortunately, I lost most of my modified Sunset Valley and the file with Kass’s family became corrupted. I will be starting over in a new town shortly. Stay tuned for 2.0. 

  • What happened after Kass called her father?
  • Will we learn about Amy’s mystery teen pregnancy?
  • Will Kass and Gage reconcile? 
  • Will Kass ever see Davis again?
  • Will Kass earn her grandparent’s trust and respect again?

17 thoughts on “1.31: Zero Chances”

  1. Whoa. I definitely haven’t expected THIS. So much drama going on in this last chapter! It looks like you have kept a secret from us… I can’t wait to learn more about the mysterious sibling. Kass’s grandparents are really very strict, but it kinda makes sense. I hope the relationship with their granddaughter won’t change dramatically because of this… And Davis’s random appearance in the bedroom… I wonder how everything would turn out if he didn’t show up. Well, I hope the next chapter hides the answers for all of my questions…

    I finally read through the first part! Yay! Great job, Lizzie!!! I really really really love this story ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, this chapter was… hmm… interesting. Gage and Kass stumbled back to her grandparents together and chose to sleep in the same room. Davis wandered in on his own too.

      Kass’s grandparents are strict. I think some of it is the era they grew up in, some of it is their history with their own children, and some of it is a cultural thing. I’m not going to lie. I’d be pretty upset if I walked in and found a child/grandchild in bed with someone in my house. I’d wonder things too, and possibly jump worse case scenario like Nonna… maybe… but I’m also a lot younger too so I’d probably be more gracious and have a conversation instead of yelling. Yelling doesn’t accomplish anything.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this part of Kass’s story. I look forward to you journeying along in the next phase. You’ll get answers to some of the questions soon.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That was intense! These people are… overreacting their lives into a mess, I’d say. But they’ve all had pretty bad times so it’s understandable for the most part. 🙂 This whole story was an enjoyable read! Good job!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow.

    Gage is scary. And poor Davis.

    And oh, the grandparents – that’s one of the things that terrify me the most about humans, about how they will assume things based on appearances and judge you and do horrific things that can’t be changed, and you cannot get them to see reality. They cling to their assumptions and they cause all sorts of damage and they hurt people, and they never even consider that their assumptions might be wrong, and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gage is being a pretty big douche right now but he’s just as messed up and confused and angry as Kass, I think. Since they “spent the night” together, I guess, he figures Kass is his in a way. Not at all the way Kass sees it. I kinda rushed this chapter because of the long delay between the last post and this one, and I’m not sure I’m fully happy with it. However, in game, Davis actually walked into the room where Kass and Gage were sleeping and they got into a big argument.

      Yeah, I don’t think Davis deserved to get fired but it was a way of explaining his disappearance from the story. I had much different plans back then and with Part 2 I jumped ahead a good bit and had to recreate Davis. (Somehow my game accidentally deleted him).

      Kass’s grandparents way overreacted. I have a lot of experience with this actually being on the receiving end like Kass. I tried to write based on my own experiences. They were angry and disappointed and I’m glad Kass ran off with her dad. She needs to clear her head and get some space from SV and all the crazy people in it. It’s incredibly frustrating and sad and just plain wrong to be lectured like that.

      Thanks so much for reading.


    1. Lol… yeah things hit the fan. I feel like Kass showing up at the pier really led Gage on, but he totally blew up in her face like a live wire. I’m glad you enjoyed this series. Interludes & Solitude happens in between 1.0 and 2.0 and is complete (and certain upcoming From Riverview, With Love chapters will give some back story). Just an fyi. But I’m excited you binge read and finished 1.0. Thanks for reading, Jojo.


      1. I&S fills in some gaps and introduces a few characters, and answers a few questions from 1.0. I’m not done with 2.0 yet, but there’s a recap chapter at the beginning that gives some overview if you want to skip I&S. But I think it builds character development. I’d recommend I&S first.


  4. After reading this chapter I am definitely glad I decided to read this part first. Damn that was explosive. Davis married the girl and didn’t tell her during his confession? Gage took ownership and acted like a jerk? I’ve just become Team Kass and I think she should end up with neither of them.

    I do think her and Gage just passed out on the bed and nothing happened but Gage just assuming Kass was his girlfriend was totally wrong. Yes they skinny dipped but they had a lot to drink the night before. That outburst was totally uncalled for.

    As for Davis, what was he doing in her room anyway. Doesn’t he believe in knocking? They never had a sexual relationship before they broke up so he needed to respect her privacy. Than to find out he gave the truth in small doses. I would have been on his side if he confessed the marriage when he told her his past was fine but for her to find out now and in this manner was wrong.

    Looking forward for the next part.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading. There’s more to Davis’ story, plus it wasn’t really Gage’s place to out him. You’re right. They just passed out, but they were in the guest room, not Kass’s room. And Davis works for her grandparents. He cleans the rooms sometimes. So he honestly wouldn’t have known Kass would be in there. And Gage blew nearly everything out of proportion. Don’t forget Interludes and Solitude on my other blog happens next between KCLKF and KFLL.


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