1.10, Part 2: Fatal Flaw

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Feeling a little flustered, I awkwardly changed the subject, “So I uh… know your grandma lives here, but your parents? Do they live locally?”

“Nope, they’re back in Edgewater. Dad’s a police sergeant and Mom is the music director at our church,” Davis explained.


“That’s nice. My mom’s a schoolteacher and my dad… a chef,” I explained.

“So Nonno and Nonna? Are they your mom’s parents or your dad’s parents? Davis asked.

“Mom’s,” I answered. “My dad never knew his birth parents. He was adopted by a widow and she died when I was little.”

“Ah I see,” Davis said. “Siblings?”


“I have two younger sisters and they are night and day different!” I exclaimed. “Cari’s into high fashion and studying all the time, and as dramatic as can be.  And Andi is more boho, laid-back, and a fabulous musician.”

“They sound wonderful. I’d like to meet them,” Davis replied.

“What about you? Any siblings?” I asked.

“Three. Darren and Derek are twins and Danica’s my older sister. Danica is a veterinarian in Mesa Grande₁ and Darren and Derek followed her out to Simizona and will be starting their second year in university this fall.”

“So you’re the second oldest?” was all I could think to say.


“Yes?” he said slowly, his eyes twinkling. “What are you going to rub it in that you’re an oldest child and I’m not?”

“No,” I waved my hands. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

“Relax, Kass, I was teasing.”


“Shall we move to the living room? I can probably find a sappy movie on TV for us to watch or a baseball game if you’re into sports.”

“Football, but it’s the wrong time of year.”

“Really? You don’t strike me as a football girl.”

“Stick around and I just might surprise you.”

“Oh I intend to.”


We are so flirting! I thought excitedly. Even so when we walked into his tiny living room, I awkwardly sat down on the far end of the couch. Don’t want to lead him on, right? I tried to reassure myself.  Stupid! Now he’ll think you’re not into him. Oh llamas! Why did I sit here? Why didn’t I sit closer? Is he even worrying about this? He looks so calm. 

“Can I get you some popcorn? Soda? A bottled water? ” he asked casually.

“Oh, no thank you. I don’t like popcorn,” I answered, glad he interrupted my internal crazy-talk. Screenshot-826

“Be still my beating heart! Don’t like popcorn?” Davis repeated as his hand flew to his chest.

“Nope, I just can’t stand the taste… the butter… ugh! It’s too much. Movie popcorn is the worst. I got sick when I was a kid at the theater and I just can’t eat it,” I explained.

“Do you think it’s just psychological?”

“Nope… well… maybe… but I just… popcorn… yuck!”

“You should really try it again if you haven’t since you were a little kid.”

“No thank you,” I wrinkled my nose.

“And there are other flavors beside butter. Have you tried caramel corn or cheesy popcorn?” Davis pushed.

“Seriously, we can change the subject,” I sighed.

“Okay. Okay,” Davis laughed.  “I promise to not mention it again… tonight.”

“Tonight? How about never?” I said snarkily.

“Why does just the thought of buttery movie popcorn make you gag?” he asked playfully.

Now he’s just teasing me. 


Oh hey look!” I pointed. “The TV’s on.”


“Alright, I get the hint. I’ll give up… for now,” Davis conceded.

He flipped channels for a few minutes before we settled on a bad sim fu action comedy.


When it was over, we both sat in silence, contemplating the utter silliness of the film.

“Well…” Davis broke the silence.

“Yeah…” I said, equally befuddled by the strange plot.


He looked at me, his eyes lighting up.

“Ice cream!” he said excitedly.

“What?” I laughed, surprised at his sudden outburst.

“I want ice cream,” he said strangely. “Do you want ice cream?”

“Uh… sure…” I smiled, leaning back into the couch.

“Okay, I’ll be right back,” he bounded up enthusiastically.

He’s like a little kid, I giggled to myself while he left the room. I glanced at my watch. It was nearly ten pm. I was having fun. This time before I left the house, I made sure Nonno gave me a key. He and Nonna were attending the symphony fundraiser across town tonight. They would probably be home soon.

What am I thinking? I’m practically a grown woman. I’m eighteen now. I don’t have to check back in at a specific time because I no longer have a curfew. And it’s Nonno and Nonna. They won’t care.

I flipped through channels as I waited for Davis to return. Nothing was really good. Nightly news. Weather report. Some weird Mexsimcan₃ program.

“Try channel 107. They sometimes recaps of baseball games this late at night.”

Baseball game reruns? I wrinkled my nose and changed the channel. Suddenly, I wondered if Davis had invited me to join him this evening just as a friend. That I had misinterpreted his teasing for flirting and that he thought I was just  a “one-of-the-guys” kind-of gal. I frowned. I just had never really gotten into baseball as a sport.

Davis returned with two heaping bowls of mint chocolate chip ice cream. He handed me a bowl and a bottled water without looking at me, his eyes glued to the television.

“Yes! Slide for it! Go go! Go! Oh my! Simmagio₄ is gonna make it. He slides! YES!!!” Davis yelled, jumping up and down.

“You know this is a rerun,” I said, taking a dainty bite of my ice cream.

“Oh yeah!” Davis slumped on the couch. “That was awesome. Did you see that? Whoo!”

Did he even hear my question?

“Uh yeah… Bay City Asters rock!” I said, faking a little enthusiasm.


“I know, right!” he exclaimed, looking at me for two seconds before returning his attention back to the screen. “Oh come on! What kind of pitch was that? All up here… and neeehhh…”

Yep. They all have a flaw. Sports comes on and we don’t exist. Baseball… it causes gibberish. 

Two hours later, I wondered what I was still doing in the pool house. We watched the Late-Night Sports Report and a replay of Monday evening’s game since Davis had missed it since he had been at work. It was the bottom of the seventh inning and I was sick of baseball.

“Yeah, listen, Davis,” I set down my bowl. “It’s getting late, and I should… uh… probably go…”

“Oh right!” Davis exclaimed, prying his eyes from the screen. “I’m sorry. You’re not really into baseball are you?”

“Kinda, but not really,” I admitted. “But it’s been fun tonight.”

“Yeah, real fun. We’ll have to do this again,” Davis bobbed his head.

Yeah, minus the baseball. 

“‘Kay, well… good night,” I stood up slowly, hoping he’d at least follow me to the door.

He waved with a smile, returning his attention to the television.

Yep. The all have a fatal flaw. And Davis’s was baseball. Maybe I’d go call Gage.

Chapter Eleven Coming Soon! 

  • Will Davis be able to recover after botching the evening? 
  • Will Kass actually go out with Davis now?
  • Will she call Gage and try and work through things with him? 

Author Changes: What’s different?

  • Pictures were edited.

Story Extras: 

  1. Mesa Grande is a town available for download.
  2. Simizona is my Simworld version of Arizona.
  3. Mesximcan refers to a Sim from Mexsimco, modeled after Mexico. The language they speak is Mexsimcan instead of Spanish because it was easier to come up with a name – Spimish didn’t sound right.
  4. Simmagio is a play on Joe Dimaggio, famous Yankees baseball player.

7 thoughts on “1.10, Part 2: Fatal Flaw”

  1. Oh, dear. When I read the title of this chapter I was wondering what could be the perfect guy’s fatal flaw. Now I understand. I’m not into watching sports on the TV myself, so I kinda understand Kass. Maybe she should really give Gage a chance 😉


    1. It’s funny because I love sports, especially football and baseball, but Kass isn’t me. However, I would be seriously miffed if I had a date and the guy ignored me for sports or any reason for that matter. Gage…well, you’ll read more about Gage soon.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Girl, you don’t call the guy that is in love with you after an over all good date (besides the baseball). That’s just mean. Poor Gage. I hope Davis learns from this and doesn’t force her to watch it with him on another date in the future. ;_;

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well that could have gone better. Much better. I don’t know about Davis there is something about him I don’t like. I think he is holding back some information about his past and I didn’t understand why it was so important for her to try Popcorn. He even insinuated that her dislike of popcorn was psychological. Her actions say a lot too. After that disaster of a date her first thought was to call Gage.


    1. Certainly. I’m glad to get dissenting opinions. I have Davis fans and Gage fans so it’s nice to hear both sides. I don’t think Davis was really prepared for an actual “date” scenario. I have no idea about popcorn. I threw in psychological because sometimes we associate a smell or taste with an event that happened once and then never try something again. I’ve tried a lot of those things again as an adult and love them (i.e. chocolate and peanut butter together, seafood, coconut, spicy food, etc.). But you’re right… it is a little presumptuous of him to say that. Thanks for reading.


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