1.8: Change of Plans

What am I doing here?!?


I decided to go to Jade’s Java Jolt to meet Davis, but after I arrived, I freaked out and ducked into the ladies room. Staring at myself in the mirror, I hoped I put on enough concealer to hide the dark spots under my eyes. I hadn’t been sleeping well since graduation night.  Ayesha was right. I need some serious fun. Whoo! Breathe, Kass. Davis is a cool guy. A sexy guy. I giggled to myself. Sexy! What do I know?  

I stepped out of the bathroom.

“Hey Abe, how’s it going?” I asked the barista who was on his hands and knees behind the counter.

“Hey Kassio. How’s our favorite customer?” he looked up at me with a big smile. “Hey give an old guy a hand. I lost a contact.”

I hid my smile as I stepped behind the counter. Abraham “Abe” Finkel was a former pro-baseball player for the Bay City Asters, and moved to our town to coach minor league for the Sunset Valley Sliders. Despite his impressive stature, Abe was really a gentle giant, a kind soul, and a bit absent-minded if you asked anyone. He helped out at Jade’s Java Jolt on occasions for a little extra side income, but mostly because he loved coffee. He even had a drink on the menu named for him – the Finkel Frothiccino– a triple shot of espresso with cinnamon-flavored syrup and white chocolate sprinkles served with coffee over ice. I stepped over behind the counter and located his contact in no time.


“Thanks Kass,” he grinned sheepishly, tucking his long blonde hairs over his ear. “I owe you one.”

“How about a free drink?” I teased.

“I don’t know about that, but you should go on upstairs and check out the creations of our resident Simtalian chef. We got a new pizza oven. You’ve got to try the Chumcha. It’s to die for.”

“Pizza oven? I thought this was a coffee shop,” I laughed.

“Yeah, but you know Granny Jade. She’s always had a soft spot for strays so she’s renting out to this culinary student from Monte Vista until he can get on his feet here in the Sim Nation. He’s a pizza sensation. He moved in today and has been offering specials up the wazoo.”

“How’d I miss this?” I frowned.

“Well, they’re trying it out for the summer and if all goes well, we’ll be expanding in the fall,” Abe explained. “But seriously Kass, go upstairs and order the Chumcha. It’s on me.”

“Okay, I will, I promise,” I replied. “So when’s jazz fest start?”

“Postponed.  Jamie is sick, Beau had a family emergency, and Davis had complications with his living arrangements and had to go get that straightened out.”

“Davis isn’t here?” I said, biting my lower lip and trying to hide my disappointment.

“Yeah, and this guy’s…” Abe pointed to himself. “…gotta man the counter.”

“You play an instrument?” I asked, my eyes widening.


“Yeah, a little guitar,” he admitted. “We’re rescheduling for Friday night. You should come back. Drinks will be on the house for the best-dressed lady.”

“Seriously?” I quirked a brow.

“Ladies night is always the first Friday of the month. You’re forgetting now, eh? Well, you’re like my own daughter, Kass, so I’ll be rooting for you.”

“Haha! Dress to impress. Got it!” I grinned.


I headed upstairs and introduced myself to Davide Giovanni Grady Elfman, culinary extraordinaire from Simtalia. He said everyone called him Grady, his Simmian name. Elfman was his father’s name, and he grew up in Sim City. Davide’s dad moving to Monte Vista and married a Simtalian woman, Davide’s mother. Davide’s maternal grandfather was named Giovanni. Davide’s paternal grandfather was named Grady. Hence the multiple names.



Grady definitely had the Simtalian flair though for talking with his hands.


He passionately told me about how his parents fell in love and how he was named for his mother’s favorite sculptor – Simchel Angelo– who created the famous David statue. Grady moved to the Sim Nation to study cooking at The Sun Valley Culinary Institute, and how he was enjoying the legendary sunshine of Califorsimia.

He then promised to make me a chumcha, which he explained was an inside-out pizza with mushrooms, olives, and Simtalian sausage.

“You will love it,” he made a kissing motion with his hands.


It was everything he promised it would be. I didn’t stay long after enjoying my chumcha as the place was closing down.  It wasn’t exactly the evening I had been planning, but it certainly was interesting.

Maybe it’s a sign… a sign I’m not supposed to get together with Davis… a sign I should call Gage. 

Chapter Nine Coming Soon! 

  • Will Kass ever meet up with Davis?
  • Will she call Gage back? 
  • Will she come back for Ladies Night? 

Author Changes: What’s different?

  • I clarified some details about Davide Giovanni Grady Elfman’s family and the reason for his many names.
  • Picture size was edited.

Story Extras:

  1. Abraham Finkel is an NPC living in Sunset Valley. For purposes of my Sims story, he’s a former pro-baseball player turned minor-league coach and barista on some weeknights and weekends at Jade’s Java Jolt.
  2. Bay City Asters is a pro-baseball team and are a play off the San Francisco Giants. In Greek mythology, Aster, also known as Asterius was one of the Giants. Aster was also called “Bright One” or “Glitterer.”  This explains the teams black and gold colors. The aster is also a flower.
  3. Sunset Valley Sliders are a minor league baseball team located in my Simworld.
  4. The Finkel Frothiccino is based off one of the drink options available when clicking on the barista bar.
  5. Simtalia is located in the Sim Union and is my Simworld version of Italy.
  6. Chumcha is the Simlish word for pizza. In my Simworld, Chumcha is an Simtalian pizza folded in on itself, like a stromboli or calzone.
  7. Davide Giovanni Grady Elfman  is an NPC in Sunset Valley. For purposes of my Sim story, he was born and raised in Simtalia, and moved to Sunset Valley to study cooking. He rents from Jade of Jade’s Java Jolt to make some money for his schooling. Davide is the Italian name for David. Grady Elfman is actually a maid in Sunset Valley. I combined the personalities and biographies of Dave Ramsey and Grady Elfman for my story. Dave was changed to Grady after this chapter was published due to a plot inconsistency in a later chapter.
  8. A Simmian is a person who lives in the Sim Nation.
  9. Simchel Angelo is a play on Michelangelo who is well known for his David statue.

8 thoughts on “1.8: Change of Plans”

  1. Do the Ladies Night!! Do it do it lol. Usually when I hear Ladies Night I’m thinking drinks half off hahaha! And come on Davis, the boy should have been there. Maybe his loss since Gage is still on the field?


  2. Davis, you could have at least stuck around to let her know you couldn’t make it. Even if he didn’t see it at a date, I feel like it’s rude to stand up your friend at an event (even if the event was cancelled) without talking to them. ;_;


  3. So true about the Italian hand gesture talking. I’m full blooded Italian and I’m guilty of talking like that too. Now I’m in the mood for pizza.

    I wonder why Davis didn’t call or text her about not being there.


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