1.0 Prologue: Bomb (KCLKF)

First pic

Hi, my name is Kassiopeia Celestia Fullbright₁. Mouthful, isn’t it? You can just call me Kass. Everyone does, and it’s a lot easier to pronounce. Like everyone, my story has a beginning, middle, and an end.

My end? Well, no one knows their own ending. I’m here for a reason. I tried to live a good life – the good daughter, the good sister, the good granddaughter, the good student, and the good citizen.

My beginning? I lived a fairly boring, average life until my thirteenth birthday. I guess I’m in what you call the end of the beginning and the beginning of the middle right now.

I turned eighteen  last Simcember 1st, and I’m now on the cusp of womanhood. I graduate from Community School of the Gifted₂ tomorrow in Sunset Valley, Califorsimia₃. Mamma made a decision to send me there instead of the local public school, Sun Valley High₄. In a way, I’m grateful. I skipped over classes that were way too easy for me. I’m not by any means a genius, but my teachers think I am above-average intelligence. As an early graduation present, Mamma bought me a Bodkin₅ laptop from PeachySoft₆. She suggested I start writing down my story. I said, “Mamma, I don’t have a story.” She said, “Everyone has a story, gattina, write yours, even if it’s just for your own eyes.”  So here I am.

Yes, my mamma called me gattina. It means ‘little cat’ in Simtalian. I gained the name when I was a toddler, crawling around quietly and sneaking up on people. Mamma’s family is from Simtalia. My great-great-grandfather, Teodor Antonelli moved from Monte Vista, Simtalia, married Catalina Silverton, and moved to Bay City on Legacy Island during the Silver Rush. My great-grandmother, Celestia Silverton-Antonelli, whom I am named for, was born and raised in Califorsimia. She moved to Roaring Heights₈ where she was a glamorous movie star and married my great-grandfather.


This is the home₉ I grew up in – 2135 Pinochle Point– with my parents and sisters. I always thought the design was weird, but it’s home sweet home. My favorite part about this house is the beautiful baby redwood trees growing in our yard. I cried when my dad used redwood to build our porches and decks. He promised me we would plant a new tree and it would grow back. I have many fond memories of my childhood years, but everything changed when I became a teenager. More on that subject later though.


This is my mother, Amalia “Amy” Riveria₁₀. Isn’t she beautiful? Mamma is a natural brunette, but she dyed her hair blonde because “girls just wanna have fun,” she says. She gets her graceful figure from my grandmother, Adelaide and her soft brown eyes from my grandfather, Marino. She was born in Oakland₁₁ in northern Califorsimia, but moved to Sunset Valley as a teen with her family. She attended Thomas School of the Arts₁₂ in Sim City₁₃, and holds a masters degree in early childhood education.

After college, Mamma bounced around in the job market, mostly due to her lifelong battle with depression. When she was sixteen, her brother, Tino₁₄ drowned in a swimming pool. Mamma blames herself as she was supposed to be watching him, but instead, she was talking on the telephone. Nonna and Nonno reassured her that nothing was her fault, but ever since then, Mamma has struggled with her emotions. I believe this is why she is so overprotective of my sisters and me.

Mamma mucked stalls at the local equestrian center right out of college, worked as a receptionist at the local animal shelter right after grad school, started her own photography business for a short while, and watched the little ones at the local ABC Day Care₁₅. She finally began substitute teaching at the Community School for the Gifted, the private school in Sunset Valley. She decided to spend spring break in Lucky Palms₁₆ with a few of her girlfriends one year and that’s how she met my father.


Mamma’s parents, my grandparents, are wealthy. Their home is something out right out of The Hills Are Alive₁₇, like the Von Tripp family. They still live up on the hill on Summer Hill Court₁₈. We visit frequently. Sunday night dinners are a tradition. It’s always a treat to go and stay overnight at Nonna’s and Nonno’s and to use the swimming pool.


Marino Riveria₁₉, or Nonno as us grandkids call him, made his fortune in real estate and land development. He’s responsible for many of the newer commercial buildings in Sunset Valley, among other surrounding cities.

Since his retirement, he’s kept busy gardening, car collecting, donating to charities, chess, working out at the gym, volunteering time at the local senior center, teaching business and accounting seminars at the Sun Valley Financial Firm₂₀ and local community college, and dancing at the country club every weekend with his wife. He’s always got a song in his head.


Adelaide Riveria₂₁, or Nonna as we, grandkids, call her, is always cooking delicious foods. It’s always a grand affair to go over to her house even if it’s just for a simple supper. Nonna always brings out the best dishes and silverware and sets the dining room table for every meal. She even puts out the fancy candlesticks. That’s because Nonna has been a housewife her entire marriage, and she’s an expert at entertaining and running a household… of course, she has a house staff – housekeeper, gardener, car detailer, estate manager, but she still does all the cooking herself.

Her family wasn’t wealthy growing up, which is why she got good at saving. Her father had trouble holding jobs and keeping food on the table. Perhaps that’s what attracted her to Marino in the first place. But it’s love – true love – that’s lasted nearly forty-nine years.

Howard Fullbright

This is my dad, Howard Fullbright₂₂. He was born in Simcago, Illinoisim₂₃ to unknown parents and abandoned shortly after his birth. Growing up in foster care and sometimes on the street has especially made him appreciate hard work. He was adopted by a sweet Al Simharan widow, Beatrice Fullbright₂₄, and spent his teenage years in Appaloosa Plains, Simstar₂₅.  I never met his mother. She died while Dad was in college.

Dad attended Le Simdon Bleu College of Culinary Arts₂₆ in Lucky Palms, Simvada. He paid his way through college by working for a catering company and bartending on the weekends. After graduating with his degree in communications, he began working at the local radio station on nights and weekends. One night he was on the air when a mysterious woman called in and told him he had a “sexy voice.” That was my mom. Every night she’d call in at the same time, until one night he dared her to go on a date with him. The rest is history. They spent their nights dancing under the radio tower and stargazing between his sets. Mamma finally convinced him to move back to Califorsimia with her, and they were married within a year and bought our home. Two years later, they welcomed me.


These are my sisters. Like me, they’re both named after space things and they both love coffee. Carina₂₇ is the second oldest, and we sometimes call her Cari, though she prefers Carina. She’s the blonde and looks most like Mamma. Andromeda₂₈ is the baby. We call her Andi. She is the brunette and looks most like Dad. I’m not sure where my red hair comes from, but we speculate from Dad’s side of the family because his relatives are unknown. There’s got to be Irish in there somewhere.

I’m getting off topic. Carina is fifteen and a sophomore in high school. We argue the most because we both have strong personalities. I think secretly she’s always wanted to be the oldest. I’d gladly give it to her as she’s the responsible one. Andi is fourteen and a freshman in high school. New to the teenage scene, she’s a bit on the rebellious side. As the baby, she’s a bit spoiled, but she’s really sweet at heart. We get along great, probably because of our complimenting personalities.


Carina and Andi were born 11 months apart, Irish twins. I’m three years older than Carina. As you can imagine, my parents were quite busy with us when we were kids. Mamma quit her teaching job to stay at home with us girls while dad went to work each day as a DJ at the local radio station, 74.6 The SIM₂₉.


Mamma always looked sad to me. Even when she was smiling, there was tiredness behind her eyes.  Being the oldest, I remember the most about my parents’ marriage. I don’t really remember them ever being affectionate though I’m sure they loved each other in their own way. Dad worked such long hours so I saw Mamma the most. Some nights when Dad didn’t come home, she would let us eat breakfast for dinner. I always loved cereal nights – Mr. Wonderful’s Cinnamon Chippers₃₀, Corny Snaps₃₁, and Llama-O’s with honey were always my favorites. Sometimes Mamma would just sit at the table and stare off into space tiredly. I once asked her about it, and she said she just needed more sleep.

Mama sleeping in Kass room

One thing I loved as a child was ‘Mamma Nights.’ Dad would be working late, and my sisters would go stay at Nonna’s. Mamma and I would get in our PJs and stay up late. She would make waffles. Half the time they were burned, but I didn’t really care. I was spending time with my mom. We’d top our waffles with cinnamon ice cream and watch Mr. Wonderful’s fairy movies. Sometimes Mamma would bring great-grandma’s trunk of treasures down from the attic and we’d wrap ourselves in feather boas, long strings of pearls, and fur coats. The evening would always end with a pillow fight, and Mamma would sleep in my room for the night.

mama sleeping in kass room 2

I distinctly remember waking up one night and seeing Mamma in my other bed. I rubbed my eyes and wondered what she was doing there because it wasn’t a Mamma night. My sisters and my dad were home. I tried waking her up, but she wouldn’t budge. Scared, I ran to get Daddy. He came running and woke Mamma up. She was groggy, but reassured me everything was okay. I don’t think it was because Daddy was sleeping on the couch when I came down in the morning.


When Dad was home in the evenings, he made dinner. He usually made us snacks in the afternoons too. I remember coming home from school and smelling fresh-baked breads, cookies, and pies. We’d sit at the kitchen table. Over a glass of warm milk and a snack, we’d talk and Dad would ask me about my day. Sometimes he’d let me help him prepare for dinner. Dad knew all the secrets of the trade. He once worked with celebrity chef, Romon Tanner₃₂, during his college years. Somehow he could make even a hot dog dinner seem gourmet.


I knew about their money troubles. Without Mamma working, our income was tight. I remember hearing them argue frequently after they thought we were all in bed. Things became even harder when the radio station laid my dad off work. He took odd jobs catering local businesses and parties. It still wasn’t enough. Mamma was frequently sick and couldn’t work because of her mysterious illnesses. This only made them argue more.


We needed help. Dad went to the Sun Valley Bank and asked for a loan. It just so happened that the day he walked in there was a free financial help workshop. That’s when Dad met Kate Pistachio₃₃. She was beautiful, successful, wealthy, and most importantly, she knew how to invest. She was assigned to my dad that day… and everything changed.

She helped my father realize his dream – owning his own catering business. Dad went to every single one of the Money Farm Financial Seminars₃₄. Sometimes they were in town, and sometimes they were in other parts of the country. Kate explained that traveling to the seminars was a good way to network and to generate more business. I don’t think that’s the only reason Dad went. Dad whistled in the shower, and sang in the kitchen while he cooked. He was home more frequently, helping around the house, taking my sisters and me to school and our activities. Dad was happier. But it wasn’t because of Mamma. It was because of Kate.


It was Kate who would make my dad’s life so much better… and ours so much worse. It was right before Christmas, the night after my thirteenth birthday. Dad and Kate were attending a fundraising dinner at the Sunset Resort and Club₃₅. They found themselves eating alone, or so my dad told us, after all the guests had gone. They’d both been so busy that they hadn’t had a moment to eat during the actual event. They were eating and talking and laughing…


…and one thing led to another, as it always does, and my dad and Kate ended up in a hotel room. I don’t need to tell you what happened. I’m pretty sure you know.


I’ll never forget how we found out. Mamma was in a good mood for once. She turned on the radio while she made waffles for dinner. Cheeky Monkey₃₆ was playing, and we all started dancing in the hallway. The tune was catchy. We were laughing and singing when he walked in the front door… with her. Kate stood in our front hallway while Dad told Mamma they needed to talk privately. I could sense what was coming. It was the bomb I’d been waiting for, and it was detonating right now, shattering life as we knew it. I think we all knew the marriage was over. I had a sinking pit fill my stomach, the nausea rising in my throat as I stared at her… Kate… the brunette bombshell who wrecked our lives. Mamma told him whatever he had to say he could say it in front of all of us.

“It’s no use hiding it, Howard,” she laughed cheerlessly. “We all know what you’re going to say.”


“Who are you?” my little sister glanced up at the leggy lady in our entryway.

“I can’t believe you brought her here,” my mother hissed angrily.

“I’ll just wait on the front porch…” Kate said nervously, walking away.

Both of my sisters were crying. I stood stoically while my father explained how he didn’t love my mom anymore, but he still loved us. He looked at me for some reason as if expecting me to say something.

“So you finally lit the fuse, Dad, didn’t you?” I said coldly. “No going back now.”

“Do you love her?” Carina yelled pointedly.

Dad didn’t answer, just picked up his suitcase, but there were tears in his eyes. He kissed Carina and Andromeda on their heads and moved to hug me. I turned my back on him and waved for him to leave. That was the last time I saw my dad…


…that is until today… graduation day!


Story Extras:

Hi everyone. Welcome to The Krazy Crazy Life of Kass Fullbright series. This is not a legacy series, but an ongoing story about the life of Kassiopeia Fullbright and the adventures she will encounter. This site is not directly affiliated with EA’s The Sims games. I merely use The Sims 3 games as a tool for my story. All story content is written by me, and I don’t take credit for any custom content you may see in screenshots.  Exercise caution when downloading third-party custom content to your Sims game.

I will include story extras at the bottom of every chapter to give you more inside information and links to outside sites, but I do not claim in any way to be affiliated with any of the outside linked content, nor do I endorse anything on those sites. I might include a statement about my SimWorld which may be different from the base game’s unaltered world, and I may also rename or redesign lots in my stories and I will usually explain this in my story extras section.

Chapter One Coming Soon

  • Will we ever see Howard Fullbright and his man-stealing girlfriend, Kate Pistachio again?
  • Does Amy continue to battle with depression?
  • What happens on graduation day?
  • Who are the other important people in Kass’s life in addition to her family?

Author Changes: What’s different?

  • Italy is changed to Simtalia. Italian is changed to Simtalian.
  • Mama is changed to Mamma. 
  • The part about Teodor and Catalina was added. 
  • Celestia was born in the SimNation instead of Simtalia. 
  • Mamma is a natural brunette now instead of blonde (to explain the roots). 
  • Amy was 16 instead of 17 when her brother, Tino drowned. 
  • The name Von Simtrip is changed to Von Tripp. 
  • Nonno and Nonna now have an “estate manager” instead of a butler, and just a housekeeper instead of maid. 
  • Nonno and Nonna have been married 48.5 years instead of 45. This was changed for timeline inconsistencies. 
  • Amy and Howard were married for 2 years instead of 1 year before Kass was born. 

Story Notes:

  1. As you quickly learn, Amalia “Amy” Riveria loves stargazing and so she named her daughters after things in space. Cassiopeia with a K is the main character. Her little sister, Andromeda is also named after a well-known galaxy. Carina is named for a lesser-known constellation associated with Jason and the Golden Fleece (hence the blonde hair) in Greek mythology.
  2. Community School for the Gifted is the K-12 private school in Sunset Valley in my SimWorld.
  3. Sunset Valley is a base world available with the vanilla game, The Sims 3. Califorsimia is the state of California in my SimWorld. Much of the layout of Sunset Valley has changed in my storyline as you’ll see.
  4. Sun Valley High is the local public school in my SimWorld.
  5. Bodkin laptop is available in The Sims 3: University Life
  6. PeachySoft is the equivalent of Microsoft in my SimWorld.
  7. Monte Vista is a world available for purchase from The Sims 3 Store. In my SimWorld, Monte Vista is in Simtalia a.k.a. Italy in the Sim Union a.k.a. the European Union.
  8. Roaring Heights is a world available for purchase from The Sims 3 Store. In my SimWorld, Roaring Heights is in Simoridia a.k.a. Florida.
  9. Kass’s family home was a download I got from The Sims Resource. Unfortunately, I had many glitches with this lot and had to remove it from game. I waited until I completed Kass’s initial prequel story. I do not recommend downloading content from third-party Sims sites without careful research as many custom content lots, Sims, clothes, or other downloadable items have hidden content or corrupted content. Pinochle Point is a real road in Sunset Valley but it has been altered from its original state.
  10. Amy Riveria is the granddaughter of Celestia Antonelli and Donato Riveria, the daughter of Marino and Adelaide Riveria, the ex-wife of Howard Fullbright, and the mother of Kassiopeia, Carina, and Andromeda. She is a school teacher at the Community School for the Gifted in Sunset Valley.
  11. Oakland is a custom world available for download from The Sims 3 Exchange.
  12. Thomas School of the Arts is a building in The Sims 3: University Life world expansion. In my SimWorld, the building is an entire college in Sim City.
  13. Sim City is my SimWorld version of Washington D.C.
  14. Agostino Riveria, Tino,  is Amy’s kid brother who drowned when she was a teenager. He is the main reason she suffers from lifelong depression.
  15. ABC Day Care is a downloaded lot, but again, it was corrupted, so I had to remove it.
  16. Lucky Palms is a world available for download from The Sims 3 Store. In my SimWorld, Lucky Palms is in Simvada a.k.a. Nevada.
  17. The Hills Are Alive is a musical in my SimWorld, basically a version of the real world, The Sound of Music, with the Von Simtrip family being modeled after the Von Trapp family.
  18. Summer Hill Court is a real street in Sunset Valley. The Riveria home is a downloaded lot from The Sims Resource.
  19. Marino Riveria is the son of Celestia Antonelli and Donato Riveria, the husband of Adelaide Riveria, the father of Amy and Marcus Riveria, and the grandfather of Kass, Carina, and Andi. He is called Nonno, which is Italian for grandfather. He is a retired real estate agent for the Riveria Real Estate Firm.
  20. Sun Valley Financial Firm and Bank is a downloaded lot from The Sims Resource.
  21. Adelaide Riveria’s parents are unknown at this point. She is the wife of Marino Riveria, the mother to Amy and Marcus, and the grandmother to Kass, Carina, and Andi. She is called Nonna, which is Italian for grandmother. She is a housewife.
  22. Howard Fullbright is the father of Kass, Carina, and Andi, the ex-husband of Amy Riveria, and the current boyfriend of Kate Pistachio. He is a chef, who attended culinary school, has a degree in communications, and worked in radio for a time.
  23. Simcago is Chicago in my SimWorld and is located in Illinoisim a.k.a. Illinois.
  24. Beatrice Fullbright is the foster mother and eventual adopted mother of Howard Fullbright. She is a widow from Al Simhara.
  25. Appaloosa Plains is a world available for download from The Sims 3 Store. In my Simworld, it is located in Simstar a.k.a. Texas.
  26. Le Simdon Bleu College of Culinary Arts is a culinary school in my SimWorld located in Lucky Palms.
  27. Carina Fullbright is the second daughter of Howard Fullbright and Amy Riveria and the sister to Kass and Andi. She is sometimes called Cari, much to her chagrin.
  28. Andromeda is the youngest daughter of Howard Fullbright and Amy Riveria and sister to Kass and Carina. She is often called Andi.
  29. 74.6 The SIM is a downloaded lot. In my SimWorld, Howard worked as a DJ for the SIM station in Sunset Valley.
  30. Mr. Wonderful is my SimWorld version of the Walt Disney company.
  31. Cinnamon Chippers, Corny Snaps, and Llama-O’s are all cereals in my SimWorld.
  32. Romon Tanner is a celebrity chef living in Lucky Palms in The Sims 3.
  33. Kate Pistachio showed up randomly in my game as a maid. Howard and Kate flirted a bit and I decided to add some drama to the Fullbright family life. In my SimWorld, Kate is a wealthy financial planner working for the Sun Valley Financial Firm. My SimWorld, Kate is altered physically.
  34. Money Farm Financial Seminars are organized by Kate Pistachio in my SimWorld.
  35. The Sunset Resort and Club is a downloaded lot from The Sims Resource.
  36. The song playing on the record player when Howard and Kate walked in had a fun country beat to it. The chorus literally sounded like “Cheeky Monkey” so I decided that would be the name of the song. Often times a person will remember the oddest details at key moments in life, hence Kass remembering this song.

24 thoughts on “1.0 Prologue: Bomb (KCLKF)”

  1. Wow! What a great beginning! I always enjoy reading about the family’s backstory and your one is so very well written. I love how detailed it is. Good job, Lizzie!

    I must say that using Italian words such as nonna and nonno gives a more realistic feel to the story. I’ve been living in Italy for the past 5 years, but I have never really thought about using Italian in my story… Wait, it could be maybe because the Loewes aren’t actually Italians? LOL

    Btw, it makes me kinda sad knowing that the woman who stole Amy’s husband has the same name as me! 😀


    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I always appreciate feedback.

      I’m glad you like the Italian touch. It seemed the most realistic option when at the time I only had Monte Vista as a foreign-like world.

      Kate Pistachio showed up in game as a maid and I liked her character. Howard flirted with her autonomously (bad Howard!) and it added drama and color to the story. I edited her appearance a little to make her more sexy and less ugly (because let’s face it some base game Sims are ugly). She shows up again… a ways down in the story. I feel like I didn’t completely do her justice. Who is this man-stealing woman really? I might do more with her someday. Sorry, the name thing is a coincidence. That was her given name and I didn’t change it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the beginning of this and happy I discovered it through the reading circle. I could predict the ‘leaving the family part’ just when the tone of the story changed, but wow.. bringing the new flame to the home with the kids and everything there. Not good. :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks eowyn. I appreciate you taking the time to read. I kinda go back and cringe about my early chapters, but everyone has to start somewhere. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, bad idea of Howard to bring Kate to the house. It happened in game and I thought “weird” so I added it. It made for a great dramatic moment.


  3. This is so detailed! Great start, can’t wait to continue ^_^ Should be dramatic for Kass to see her dad for the first time after a few years. I can only imagine how emotional that would be…


  4. This was a great start to your story. You gave a lot of detailed background information on all of the characters so I feel as if I know all of them. I also have to say I love the way you organized all of the information at the end on lots, sims and terms at the end. It was like a little glossary in case there was something not understood and you also added interesting facts like how Amy named all her daughters after constellations. I’m looking forward to reading more.

    Liked by 1 person

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